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Made In Cartagena - Episode 1 "Murder"

This telenovela is about two families at war with one another. One family is lead by Harvey, the other is lead by Vincente. The episode starts with Harvey's sons, Candelario and Robinson, heading out with the gang to undertake a elaborate bank heist at a well-known Cartagena bank. They use the sewer system to enter the bank. They succeed in getting in but on the way out, something goes terribly, horribly wrong...

A Guard shot and killed Robinson outside the bank. Candelario doubles back for his brother and is wounded and arrested. The rest of the gang drive away fast. Harvey is very angry - angry enough to kill - when he hears the report and finds out about his son, Robinson's death. They watch television and the female member of the gang (Mireya) framed the President of the Bank - Vincente, telling Harvey that the man speaking to reporters (Vincente), was the one who killed Robinson. Harvey was enraged and swore vengeance.

Harvey's goddaughter (Flora) and her boyfriend (Watusi) are at a nightclub (Barzuto), participating in a dance (Chumpeta) competition. They came in first place. At the beach, Watusi surprised Flora with a marriage proposal with an engagement ring inside a seashell box and slid it on her finger. They were so happy - then... kissed - phone rang and she told her mommy they were engaged.

According to the flashback, Vincente and his wife were out driving in their mini-van when they get pulled over by two gunmen on their motorcycle. Vincente submitted quietly and got out of the van while his wife resisted, fought and argued with the gunman and was shot to death. Vincente had his own problems back home -- in the form of his teenage rebellious daughter Sofia. She yelled at him and said he wasn't her father so she wasn't going to call him "Dad". She yelled at him that he spent more time with his work, his collections and his secrets than he did with her. Then she got mad because he shut-off her internet, phone and other electronic devices.

Harvey asked Flora to go as undercover and befriend Sofia in order to get close to Vincente. Initially, Flora refused to play the game of deception because she's already in love and engaged to Watusi. She stormed out of the room. Beline (Flora's mother) tried to defend her daughter and yelled at Harvey.

Beline and Flora were out in the waiting room trying to get a doctor's attention, Harvey's gang used undercover tactics to get one guy into Candelario's room at the hospital. They told him about Robinson's death. Candelario was fuming and tried to get out of bed. The gang-member got him to calm down and stayed put. The nurse entered and that's the cue for the gang-members to escape. Candelario escaped from the hospital stealing the doctor's pen. As he was in the bus being transferred to the prison, he used the pen to unlock his cuffs.

He wrestled the prison guard for a handgun and then jumped out of an open window and ran away into the tumble-weeds. He ended up at Harvey's safe house. He called Belline (his mom) on phone. Mom and sister pack a backpack of clothes and met Candelario at Harvey's Barzuto. The police must have been following because, shortly thereafter, they showed up, knocked Candelario out and dragged him to the police vehicle to take him back to prison.

Beline and Flora stood shocked, screaming and crying.

NEXT... Snippets of Episode 2 - "Friendship For Revenge": Flora stood by the beach at sunset. She took off her engagement ring... Harvey met with Flora and the gang in the back office of Barzuto and surprisingly agreed to play along with Harvey's game of revenge and deception to become Sofia's friend and get close to Vincente for him.

Author: eeyore
Source: Telenovela World Forum

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