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La Malquerida Grand Finale – How Acacia (Ariadne Diaz) and Cristina (Victoria Ruffo) ended

“La Malquerida” comes to a close tonight in México and we have all the details of how it all ends. This is your warning that up ahead is a spoiler-filled article. The last time we saw Acacia (Ariadne Diaz) and Cristina (Victoria Ruffo), the former had revealed to her mother that she had accepted Esteban’s (Christian Meier) advances. On Episode 116, Cristina is shocked to know the truth. She slaps Acacia and tells her she can’t believe that her husband and daughter were betraying her. Acacia assures her mother that she never slept with him. Acacia tells her mother that she never saw Esteban as a father figure and he always hated him because Cristina always talked him up. She says that her only father has been Alonso and is not sure when she started having feelings for Esteban.
Danilo finds out he will not function as a man anymore after all his girls beat him. Norberto tells Ulises that sent to kidnap him. Cristina orders Rosa to take out all of Esteban’s things from their home. Cristina takes all of her pictures with Esteban and burns them. Hector tries to console Cristina, but she tells him that she is not interested in him that way, she wants to be alone. Acacia tells her grandparents the truth and asks for their help in leaving so her mom is able to come to terms with the situation. Cristina asks Acacia why did she decide to leave Esteban. Acacia says that she left him because of her. Cristina then asks if she still loves him. Acacia dodges the question and doesn’t know what to answer, she doesn’t know if she did it because of love or passion or what.
“El Rubio” (Fabián Robles) gives Acacia a letter from Esteban, that he allegedly found where he used to leave candy for her. Norberto starts his divorce process and wants to marry “Julianita.” Cristina’s parents try to intervene in helping her forgive her daughter. Juliana (Nora Salinas) begs her son Germán (Osvaldo De León) to not let Norberto marry Juanita as she was a prostitute and only wants her money (which is not true). Germán tells his mother that he will not leave her alone and would help her out with money, but nothing where she could live in luxury. “El Rubio” visits Esteban and tells him that Acacia is getting ready to flee, which causes him to go crazy and run after her.
Esteban finds Acacia and wants to run away with her. Acacia tells him that she is going to call the police and she doesn’t want to leave. Cristina tries to interfere because he wants to forcefully take her with him. He grabs her and pulls out a gun. Norberto arrives and points a gun at him. Esteban pushes Acacia away and points the gun at Cristina. Esteban shoots at Norberto and then Acacia gets a shot from Esteban. Norberto shoots back at Esteban. Acacia seems to be losing her life while Cristina cries for her. Acacia is rushed to the hospital. Weeks pass by and we still don’t know what happened to Acacia. We do know that Esteban survived and is now in jail. Danilo is in jail and is bullied by the other inmates. He is then drenched in paint and lit on fire. Acacia arrives to Alejandra’s wedding, she is well and Ulises gives her a big hug.
Weep Not Acasia in La Malquerida Telenovela currently showing on Star Times TV
Weep Not Acasia in La Malquerida Telenovela currently showing on Star Times TV

Acacia visits Esteban in jail and tells him that she’s over him and that he only took advantage of her into making her believe that she loved him. “I came to tell you that I don’t love you and I’ve never loved you,” Acacia tells Esteban. Cristina is prepared to sell off La Benavente. Hector gives her an airplane ticket to go catch up to him in Europe. Acacia tells Ulises that she’s always loved him as he plans on leaving. They both share a kiss. Acacia and Cristina have forgiven each other as the love they have for one another is more powerful. THE END!
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