Thursday, July 09, 2015

KAYIP (Secrets) Turkish Telenovela Makes Debut in Nigeria

This Turkish telenovela KAYIP (SECRETS) is more of a thriller action film than a romance lovey-dovey series. Right from Episode 1, and till the end, it is packed full with suspense and blood-pumping actions.

The storyline is about revenge, how a young boy was kidnapped and guess what the ransom was? Vengeance! Its also about secrets kept away from a prying public who demand to know the murderer of a married woman caught in adultery, was it her secret lover or her jealous husband who killed her?
There is also the developing love tango between detective Mehmet Kantarci played by (actor Mete Horozoğlu) and stunning beauty Özlem Albayrak (played by actress actress Asli Enver).

KAYIP - SECRETS Telenovela from Turkey Photos
KAYIP – SECRETS Telenovela from Turkey Photos

Kemal and Leila seem to have everything going well for them: a family business, splendid mansion tucked away in lush gardens, two beautiful kids. A chain of unexpected events shattered this beautiful serenity and threaten to swallow them in destruction, just because of one secret that was about to be exposed, which led to another secret, and another and another….

Kareem, the beloved son of Leila and Kemal Özdemir, was one night kidnapped while his rich parents were partying away from home, by two police officers (who were eventually eliminated by the kingpin that same night). Leila was devastated by the news and was overwhelmed with unquenchable sorrows, but effort to rescue the boy led to unveiling of many well-kept secrets upon secrets like layer upon layer of onions. The night that Kerem was kidnapped, Leila was warned by the kidnappers with a photo sms of Kareem saying: Telenovela Kayip

KAYIP - SECRETS Telenovela from Turkey Photos Asli Enver and Mete Horozoğlu
KAYIP – SECRETS Telenovela from Turkey Photos Asli Enver and Mete Horozoğlu

“Don’t get the police involved or your son will die!” The unfortunate parents, who can’t contact with the police, hire a former police detective Mehmet Kantarci, in order to help them find their son. The moment he meets the family, Mehmet understands that this case is much bigger and more complicated than it seems. As Mehmet tries to solve the current situation, he comes up with more questions. Is this a plan of revenge connected to the family members’ dark pasts, secrets, lies and mistakes? Has Kereem been kidnapped for a ransom? A case that started as a simple missing person’s case begins to get complicated. Murders, terrible games and mind boggling intrigues all play a part.

KAYIP - SECRETS Telenovela from Turkey
KAYIP – SECRETS Telenovela from Turkey

On one side, there is a kidnapped child and the kidnappers, on the other side there are murders, other missing persons and an invisible “enemy”. According to Mehmet, everyone in and around the family is a potential suspect. Kemal, the grandfather Feridun, the household staff, the beautiful assistant and the family friend Özlem, Metin the company lawyer may be the suspect. Is the invisible “enemy”, the orchestrator of all these plans, the reason behind this pain, someone among these people or someone far away from the family? Kereem’s mysterious kidnapping will influence the family relationships deeply and force everyone to reveal their secrets. The fact that Mehmet starts to make this case a personal matter and that Kemal gets closer with Özlem will dissolve the family ties and reveal hidden truths one by one. With a strong cast and a gripping script, “Secrets” will be the most talked action-packed drama of this season!

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