Friday, September 08, 2006

Episode 12: "All Lovers Do It"

We missed yesterday's episode, ooops, so painful. Thank God today's episode was clear enough for us to do some extrapolation that would certainly fill the, and form a picture trend though, not necesarily a perfect trend...

In episode 11 after the lovers left the skating rink, they headed home but had a flat tyre. As carlos must have been trying to find a solution to the problem two men, (carlos described them as gentlemen in appearance), appeared an offered to help fix the tyre. After the 'help' , they pulled out their guns and robbed him of his posh car and drove it away.

He first led Luisa Fernanda home before going to the police to report the incidence. As he escorted Luisa into the garden of her compound, they kissed each other good night. (The 'things' that happens in gardens... uuh). Amelia came out at that moment and caught them 'red-handed'. Meanwhile, the Jealous Jennifer de la Vega had turned the city upside down in search of Carlos whom she suspected of cheating on her. She went to such incredible extent of pulling Augusto, Carlos' best friend to help seek Carlos out. They were in the hospital, Carlos was not there; they went to his patient- Don Fernando Elcantara's house, Carlos was not there.

The frustration of Pedro must have driven him to the point of drunkeness, and when he came home, arguement must have ensued between him and Amelia that led to...I don't know, but Amelia described the circumstance as Pedro wanting to take advantage of her.

The fourth important thing that must have happened in episode 11 is the triangular battle between Marissa-Luis Alenjandro Montero-Andrerina. Marissa was worried that her husband did not come home on time, and in order to fill the gap, called Andreina, her Assistant/Secretary in the forth-coming Jenifer's fashion Show, possibly to work over the details of the Show's preparation. At that moment, she was in bed with Luis Alejandro - Marissa's husband, and she told Marissa on phone that she was with her boy friend. Mild suspicion began when L.A. came home and told Marissa not to expect too much from him on bed, because he was much overworked and fagged out. He pecked her and went to sleep.

As episode 12 began we saw Amelia forbidding Carlos Gomez never to come near Luisa again. She dragged Luisa into the house and began to cane her with words, accusing her of being a terrible liar. She said all her lies was to protect her relationship with a complete stranger, whom she went to bed with. At this point, Luisa Fernanda got angry and stood up to her mom, to defend her love for Carlos, saying that it is not true, and that she had never gone to bed with Carlos, but she loved him and he loved her. YES, they have kissed and it was the first kiss of her life, but she was never going to give him up. As to lying in order to get an opportunity to be together with Carlos, "...Yes, very TRUE, but all lovers do it". She asked her mother if she had never done the same to her parents. if she is truly in love, then she must have done it too, in her time.

Marissa walked into Carlos' - her son's room to tell him that she could not sleep all-nite because of the news of his 'new-found' love- Luisa Fernanda. She was angry that he wanted to betray Jennifer de la Vega. She begged him not to 'dump' Jennifer, because it was him that asked her to contribute and support Jennifer's Fashion Show, and it would be too bad to pull back now.

Carlos was firm in his response. He spoke with absolute conviction and soberity. He said: "I know this is a huge mess, its not my fault that I fall in love with another girl". He said he would find time to go andf tell Jennifer to let them call it quits. Marissa objected to this saying, she need to discuss further with Carlos, before he takes any rash action that he may regret later. She even said that Jennifer is the only daughter-in-law that she would recognise. Their discussion was interupted by one of the house keepers who came to inform Marissa that her attention was needed somewhere else.

Amelia has woken up from her 18-year slumber. She told Pedro that she wants a divorce. She wants to start a new life. She wants to revamp her life. A 36- year old lady that looked 56, just because of the bondage of fear of the unknown. Now that her wicked sister had lied to her that her father Don Elcantara still hates her, she want to face the unknown and "...fight for myself and for my life without waiting for what anybody may think about me...may be, I would even meet someone I can love... I want a divorce from this phony marriage", she concluded.

Pedro was emotionally shattered by this annoucement. He knelt down and begged her to reconsider but she held her ground. after this he stormed out of the house to Luisa's School. Met Luisa at school, and asked her if it was true that she has a boy friend. She confirmed it with apology to the father, for the lies and excuses. As they were chatting, Carlos appeared and what an opportunity for introduction to his father-in-law to be. What a sure platform for the engagement, and finally...the wedding, which unfortunately was several times aborted by the enemies of true love and progress. Which unfortunately too, would not be winessed by Amelia, for she would have died in an auto crash before the sweet ending.

Consuela, went again to L.A's chambers to convince him not to waste his time seeking Amelia because she felt that Amelia didn't want to relate with the Elcantaras anymore, that was why she supposedly travelled out of the country. She also tried to convince L.A that Amelia's daughter does not exist because Amelia aborted that pregnancy 18 years ago. Consuela was horrified with fear when L.A. told her that Don is not leaving anything as inheriance for her and even Amelia, but ALL the fortune- the old man wants it willed to Amelia's daughter, whom Consuela is still lying that the girl does not exist. She said the old man has gone insane and that L.A. should not listen to the voice of a sickly man. L.A. refused to be persuaded, he said he would follow the case to the end, even to this 'non-existent grandaughter'. Consuela left but withot a failed attempt to bribe L.A with a kiss. L.A. turned his mouth to another side, avoiding the tongue of the serpent Consuela.

Consuela stormed home to challenge the father why he wanted to change his will. The old man smiled and confirmed his last wish to change the will as he likes. She challenged him on why he hired

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