Friday, September 08, 2006

Episode 13: "No One Challenges Me"

The conspiracy to abort the destiny of Amelia and Luisa Fernanda thickens in this episoode as Consuela the chief architect and her husband Heriberto, drew the battle line for Don Fernando Elcantara. Consuela openly disagreed with her father on his fomula and plan to give ALL his fortune to a "Bastard", as she referred to Luisa Fernanda, is unaceptable to her. With her eyes blazing red with fire, she dared her father and told him that she would fight and challenge his decision, she stormed out and went straight to her husband's office.

The old maid- Rigoberto burst into dancing saying this is the most joyous day of her life. She praised Don for doing this right thing but asked him to reconsider making Consuela to share part of his inheritance. Don, in his usual stubborn stance said NO! He roared with the anger of a lion saying: "With me, No one challenges me!".

Pedro had a man-to-man talk with Carlos, and found out that Carlos intention is genuine. He gave his tacit approval for thier relationship, but warned Luisa not to mention it to her mother, because, she would never approve of it.

Amelia's decision to go it alone in re-defining a new life and career for herself would push her on the collision course with her destiny. What she does, and how she responds to that demand would determine if she would arrive at her divine destination. I am afraid, if she doesn't change her attitute and air of gloominess, she might flounder this another opportunity that comes, once again to her.

With the certainty of a matrimony heading for the rocks and about to be torn apart, Amelia went to Lupe, her best and only friend, for help in seeking a job in the bank where she works. Coincidentally, this bank is Metropolitan Bank- Marissa's Bank. Lupe's immediate boss is Lic. Ordóñez- the attorney to the President of the bank- Marissa Gomez.

After Lupe pleaded her case with her boss, Lic. Ordóñez agreed to give Amelia a job interview, after the interview, he gave her the offer to work with Marissa as office assistant in the Bank's President's office. I sensed that opportunity would present itself on a platter of gold to Amelia again, but because she is blinded by her own fixation, she may squander it again. This is just my personal hunch, let's wait to confirm it. The last hunch I gave was confirmed, then, I said Luis Alejandro Montero would not be convinced by Consuela's new lies.

Consuela and her husband went to an exotic restaurant for lunch and to re-strategize in their battle for the fortune of Don Alcantara. As they were walking to their table, they saw Marissa and L.A. so they walked to their table and after introduction, they reminded and pleaded with Marissa of the dinner which they had invited her family to...all parties agreed to make it for that evening and Heriberto asked that they bring their son along.

Meanwhile After Carlos picked his stolen car that was recovered by police, he phoned Luisa Fernanda that he is coming to pick her for a dinner date. He also called his best friend, Augusto to cover up for him since he wont be going to the Sotomayor dinner, however he does that is left to Augusto to figure out. Luisa Fernanda was fully dressed, waiting for Carlos when Vanessa Sotomayor appeared. Vanessa told Luisa that her Dad had organised a dinner in which Carlos' family would be hosted and the dinner may end in proposal and engagement between her and Carlos. she just came for Luisa to assess if she was well dressed for the bash. luisa was surprised and tried to hide her feeling and expectation for the nite...what would happen at the next episode? would Carlos come to meet both of them there? would vannessa drag him to the party

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