Monday, September 25, 2006

Episode 24: "That Girl Is My Girl"

The Gala Nite of the Sacred Heart Academy was quite a spectacle to behold. Carlos and Luisa eventually reconciled their differences. They later agreed to meet at the party. Carlos arrived at the party into the happy and waiting arms of Vanessa and Heriberto Sotomayor.

Lic Ordonez continued toasting Amelia, (in the unnoticed presence of Pedro), asking her to let them 'repeat' the other night. He also asked her to wear the earring which he bought her from Madrid for the date. Pedro's eyes were red with suppressed anger. He could scarcely control or disguise his fury. At that point, Amelia reluctantly turned down Lic's offer, telling him that tonite was her daughter's graduation party.

After Lic's departure, a heated sarcasm grew between Amelia and Pedro. Pedro mocked her for her lies about Lupe giving her the earring. He insinuated that the real reason why Amelia wants a divorce was because she already had a secret man-friend, whom she has been drinking about town with, and who gave her a job at the bank. He said in conclusion: "...No wonder, you don't want me to take the contract here, so that I would not discover your new affair." In the midst of that marissa intruded and came to apologize to Pedro for calling his home phone number, yerterday. She said: "...your wife was trully ill-mannered, the way she answered the phone, maybe I shouldn't have call your home".

Amelia blushed with shame to discover that her boss, unknowingly was refferring to her as ill-mannered and bad-tempered. After Marissa left, the imbroglio resumed with intensity. Amelia accused Pedro too of going to tell outsiders that she is bad-tempered and that they were about to divorce. It took the intervention of Luisa to stop them from a rough scuffle.

By the time Luisa arrived in the arms of her father, at the gala Nite, they were dressed to 'kill'. Luisa in sparkling white and Pedro in a cool Tuxedo. All eyes were rivetted on them...they were the cynosure of all eyes; they practically 'stole' the admiration gaze of all at the party. Carlos stood up and said in his heart with adoration: "...,that girl, is my girl..."

They came to share table with Vanessa and father and Augusto. On a little space of time they were able to squeezed out for private gists at the party, Carlos was able to assure Luisa that he would be coming to the boat cruize with her. He said no boat cruise can separate her from him. The name of the yatch is called LOVE BOAT. Luisa was over-joyed with this news from Carlos.

The dinner date organized by Marissa for Andreina and Lepoldo was a hit below the belt for Luis Alejandro. he was uncomfortable throughout the event and tried many times to puncture the rapport between Andreina and Lepoldo. When Marissa suggested a boat cruise to Cancun for the toasting couple, L.A. quickly interjected that it would distrupt Andreina's fashion show activity. Marissa asked Andreina not to worry, that she would handle everything about the Show in her absence.

Jennifer also came to the dinner uninvited. Clarita excercised her power of a maid througout the serving of drinks and snacks at the dinner by making sure she did not give anything to Jenny. When jenny asked where Carlos was, L.A. said he was at the Gala nite with his new girlfriend- the gold-digger! jenny was disappointed and angrily stood and left the dinner. L.A. too stood up feigning headache, and went to sleep. The new friends, Lepoldo and Andreina left too. After dropping Andreina at home, she asked Lepoldo if he liked her, Lepoldo told her that this was an understatement. He Loves Her!

When Carlos came back from the Gala Nite, marissa warned him that he should disclose to the young girl that He has imprgnated another lady...Carlos promised his mom that he would do that on the cruise. "WHICH CRUISE?" Marissa asked. Carlos replied that he is going with Luisa Fernanda on the love boat cruise tomorrow...and he would tell her everything during the cruise.

Heriberto behaved true to prediction, when Consuela refused to go with him to Vanessa graduation party because she wanted to stay at home to take care of Don Fernando, he got angry and told her: " hell with your father!"

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