Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fingers of Passion

People have asked me several times how I cope as a wife and mother coupled with my active blogging life. My usual response to them is that, blogging, for me, is first and foremost, a passion. I enjoy it, so thereis nothing called "Coping with enjoyment".

As we celebrate the first Carnival of African Women this week, I feel obliged to share the secrets of my blogging life. My secrets are in my fingers. My fingers are the expression of my passion. From my kitchen when preparing food for my husband and family. To my three children, when cuddling them with tenderness of infanthood. To my emotions when I had to express it, I prefer, through my fingers than through my voice. Perhaps that is why I am regarded by close friends as being on the quiet side.

As a teacher, I am a communicator. The fingers are the first expression of any communication. If it lacks passion, the point of your communication would be lost on your supposed audience. comforting or assuging my husband after a hectic day work in the mega-city of lagos with her attendant traffic jam and stress demands for fingers that can communicate with passion and empathy.

The use of the fingers is the first advanced education after the mouth (speaking). Blogging is an art of communication, but it is expressed through the fingers. As an African woman, given the hordes of problem of underdevelopment that faces our society, I find my fingers being trained for the battle to change our society for better.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the gardiner's daughter. Pedro is really dumb and Luisa Fernanda is too softhearted to a point of stupidity.Jennifer, Alfredo and Luis Alexando are the greatest loosers in the gardiner's daughter. Ceaser and Marrisa the best

Mark More said...

I enjoy every moment i seat down to watch the gardeners daughter.This would be the first TV soap opera i will watch and i am not disappointed.

If only Rigo didnt die the way she did, if only she died slowly and felt more pain.

Sochiole is so dumb - no man would treat a nigerian lady like that.

As for Jennifer she is the greatest looser I have ever seen on this planet earth.She annoys me with her knid of opaque fantasies.

Louissa is begining to behave stupid cos i cant imagine her keeping carlos at an arms lenght. She would not even give him the chance to explain himself.

And as for Montero, its so wonderful how a man would keep digging his own grave deeper everyday.


Above all I think Montero, Jennifer and Rigo are the only smart people in the soap, others are so shallow minded-they can even beleive the mosquitoes.