Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Soaring Gardeners

As I write this 30-day report to the 'gardener's family'. I am full of gratitude to the over 2,000+ visitors with pageviews of 6,000+ of the last four weeks and the 230+ subscribers to my daily summaries of "The Gardener's Daughter" (La Hija del Jardinero), which began late last month in Nigeria. ( how I which that the 6,000+ PV would be converted to 6,000+ U$D ...LOL)

Reason for my joy is not far fetched. I believe that we all live in an "Offerer's" World. If you have nothing to offer, you would be condemned to suffer. All of you are proofs that I have got something to offer with this blog. As the 30-day graph from Sitemeter below shows, the growing patronage and cultivated loyalty of 'gardeners' (that is how I christened every fan of "The Gardener's Daughter" telenovela) is worth being celebrated this month end. All of you, by patronage have made the Alexa ranking of importance for this site to leap from 5.8 million to the current 1.5 million, all in one month! We have had 'gadeners' from 49 countries as shown by momentary glimpses from the pie charts below visited this blog in the last 30 days, Wow! What more, we had the King of the web also visiting three times in 12 days, and on the third visit, the King was held spell-bound by the ravishing beauty of our Garden's flora: queen- Luisa Fernanda, for a romantic 4 minutes 8 seconds!

The American Embassy in the East European Country of Moldavia promoted our site to her "Popular Content" Notice board during the period. We were priviledged to host the Best International Black Weblog Award Winnner 2006, come to commune with us too. My hubby too helped to promote us on the foremost social networking site Digg. I must not forget to mention the valuable contributions of my darling sister and comrade, Sokari and other compatriots on the African Women's Blog Thanks to you all.

I am elated that what we wrote here on the summaries of La Hija del Jardinero has no comparison with anything written about "The Gardener's Daughter" anywhere on the World Wide Web! I have had offers from two countries, Malaysia and Mexico for partnership in reeling out episodic summaries in a web link relationship. For me it is a joy to add value to the entertainmemnt interest of the telenovela world.

So, as we mark our first month in the projected nine months (if AIT, MYTV and MITV do not conspire to elongate it, as they did with Cuando Seas Mia (When You Are Mine), of this Mexican soap opera, then we have eight more landmarks to celebrate together. Get ready to Celebrate!!!


sokari said...

Keep up the good work - I can see that a huge amount of effort goes into producing this blog.

Please note the first carnival of african women to be held on 9th october (6th is the deadline) it would be great if you could post something special for that event on your blog


Anonymous said...

can u pls post that of lasurpadora also called deception not sure if i got the spelling but it's bin aired on galaxy n mbi