Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Episode 25: Meet Me In My Cabin

Jennifer pursued her evil dream with gusto and fervour. She woke up the next day, having recovered from her disappointment of learning that Carlos went to the Gala Nite with his "gold-digger" girlfriend. She proceeded to Carlos' hospital to wait for him. When Augusto and Carlos came in, it was a good oppourtunity for her to throw a 'wicked punch' at Carlos. She did this by telling Carlos, to the unashamed hearing of Augusto, that she had come for the first ante-natal clinic for her "pregnancy". Carlos was highly embarrassed and scandalized by this disclosure in the presence of Augusto. So, he asked Augusto to excuse him for a private talk with Jenny; but not before Augusto registered his congratulations to the "new father and the most beautiful mother to-be" in Mexico.

Carlos tongue-lashed Jenny for coming to embarrass him in the hospital before his friends. Jenny smiled with a wicked grin, saying "...I won't be a coward like you, who is afraid of telling anyone about my 'pregnancy'. You know that I am a public figure, as soon as my "pregnancy" starts showing, it would be on the front pages of the newspapers, then you can't hide..." She picked her bag after delivering the wicked blow, and left with a proud indignation.

Consuela, the evil genius, deviced another fomular to twist and terminate the search for Amelia and daughter. She went for Mrs. Alvare Torres, a woman who was recently sacked by Heriberto from her father's factory; and arm-twisted her into submitting to fabricating that she (Alvare), was Amelia's closest friend. In return, she promised to get her re-employed back by her husband. Alvare had no option but to agree, even though she never knew that Consuela had any sister.

Solozano, the private detective took over from there, and coached Alvare what she must say to Luis Alejandro Montero. When Alvare arrived and was introduced to L.A. by Solozano, she kept a straight face and poured out the stream of lies taught her. She told L.A. that Amelia rented a room apartment from her, and after giving birth to a sweet baby-girl, she had difficulty nuturing the baby because of her poverty. Afterweards Amelia purportedly gave the baby out for adoption to a foreign couple at a sum of $10,000 (Ten thousand Dollars). Amelia purportedly fell in love with another man and went to... wherever, with him. Since then, she has not heard from Amelia.

The same wicked story was taken to Don Fernando Alcantara by L.A. The old man nearly collapsed again on hearing this sad news. Rigoberto shouted from the top of her voice that IT IS NOT TRUE! saying that Amelia was a girl with feelings and could not possibly sell her daughter. Consuela told her father that this is why she had been warning against digging up the past. But Don was not satisfied, so, he demanded for the name and telephone number of the woman. When L.A. mentioned ALVARE TORRES, it rang a bell in Don's mind, but because of the amnesia which he is suffering from, he could not arrive at any picture, of the past concerning the name of the woman, so he demanded again: "...I want to meet the woman..."

Jealous L.A. stormed the apartment of Andreina very early the next day, calling her a slut for entertaining Lepoldo, he searched the bathroom asking..."where is the bastard". Andreina woke up from sleep and tongue-lashed L.A. calling him a married man and should not be jealous of Lepoldo. She told him to go back to his wife and not disturb her life again... ... ...the long and short of that encounter was that,... the two love-birds reconciled again.

As Andreina and Jenny were jisting what happened the previous night, she told Jenny her true feelings, saying: "...If he (L.A.), doesn't look after me, he is going to lose me."
They were shocked when they looked up to find Marissa, standing and listening to them. They didn't know for how long she had stood, and how much she had heard. But by my estimation and suspicion, her blazing eyes gave me the impression that, she heard everything, but pretended to play along with them, saying that she heard her husband's name being mentioned by the two ladies, asking them what for? They were relieved, and quickly lied that they were just recounting what happened at yesternite's dinner date.

Luisa got on board the yatch and marvelled at the lush beauty and size of the vessel. Carlos joined her and..., from the blues appeared Augusto. When asked about his mission, Augusto said he had been thinking of ways to enjoy his money, which he made from winning Luisa's case against L.A. ...and, this is the best way to spend that money on a cruise with friends. Vanessa appeared too ...and miscontrued Carlos' appearance on the cruise as an expression of his love for her...she embraced him and kissed him, Luisa couldn't bear it, she had to supress her irritation and infuriation. Pedro had warned her before she left for the cruise that it is high time she tells Vanessa the truth about her relationship with Carlos. But she said she was afraid because she doesn't want to lose her friendship. Pedro warned her saying that: "...if you don't tell Vanessa now, you would end up hating each other".

In the night, as Luisa silently tip-toed towards Carlos' cabin, to fulfil his request that she should come to meet him secretly in his cabin for a heart-to-heart talk. She was stunned to find Vanessa almost at his door and already knocking...Luisa dodged and wondered what Vanessa was doing at that odd hour in Carlos' room. Vanessa entered, and as Carlos was protesting the invasion of his privacy by Vanessa, She grabbed him and drew him close to her, before he could further r
esist her she planted a deeep kiss...and...and...well, we would know what happened tomorrow's episode.

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