Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Gardener's Battle: MITV Ambushes AIT

Yesternite, the MITV leaped over 12 episodes, in her continuing rivalry with the African Independent Television- AIT on the airing of "The Gardener's Daughter" (La Hija del Jardinero) Mexican telenovela (soap opera). It was a deft competitive move by MITV in the 'commercial struggle' for the estimated crowd of over 300,000 adherents and lovers of the telenovela in the Megacity of Lagos.

Before now we reported when MITV joined the fray on the 8th September, 2006. The prime and sophisticated audience were happy for this healthy rivalry as it affords them the opportunity to watch the episodes which they have missed on AIT. But the struggle for prime commercial time and audience has propelled the MITV to skip 12 episodes (from episode 13 to 24) in order to be placed at "a level playing ground" with the AIT.

For many of the Gardener's fans, it was a big disappointment, as the corporate fight for profit was placed above the entertainment interest of the audience. we warned in that news that may "the cut-throat competition that may result from this healthy entertainment would enhance and not hurt millions of viewers and lovers of this soap in Nigeria. "

We cannot say the same for MITV after yesternite. I personally feel that even if the MITV wanted to level up with the AIT, they should have offered alternative ways for the audience, as to how they intend to cover the gap of the 12 skipped episodes, may be, by weekend (Saturday and Sunday) airing of the soap, until the desired level is attained.

Thank God for the modest efforts at summary on our blog here. We appeal to the MITV to assuage the fans with an arragement to show the 12 skipped episodes soon. We abhor this "bloody competiton" between the two TV stations, and also urge their management to let the full entertainment value of this wonderful soap be enjoyed to the fullest by the fans. Enough of this commercial subterfuge, for the sake of people. Sheath your swords please!

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