Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Episode 39: The Unfolding Secrets

In what looked like a week of exposures of secrets, tonite's episode sets the tone when Leopoldo challenged Luis Alejandro with the million Dollar question: "...Are you sleeping with Andreina?" L.A. dismissed his question as unfounded and asked him to forget about Andreina, telling him there is no good thing that can come out of a lady that sleeps around with married men. Leopoldo is deeply in love with Andreina and he harbours doubts about the claim of L.A. that he had no romantic agenda for her.

Pedro, still on sick bed, squirms at the thought that a jerk like L.A. is married to Marissa. When later Carlos came to check his pulse, he warned and roughened up Carlos's shirt, telling him to do him a favour: "...I don't want you near my daughter again, never". When Sister Joaquina visited him to counsel him to get himself out of depression because of Amelia and for his daughter's sake, he begged her to help him separate, and never let Carlos touch Luisa Fernanda, because, he believed that he is Luis Alejandro Montero's son, saying he and Luisa Fernanda are relatives. Joaquina was worried by Pedro's new agitative turn, and she told him to be calm, saying: "...Carlos Eduardo is such a kind man, he loves her desperately, ...nothing could be better for her now than renewing her relationship with that doctor..." Moreover, she asked Pedro not to jump into conclusions because, Carlos' last name was not Montero, but Gomez. She said Carlos may have been a product of an earlier marriage with another man before L.A.

Carlos met and called Luisa Fernanda to his office to discuss the latest turn of the health of Pedro. He told her that Pedro may have been suffering severe depression that triggered some chemical reactions that may have produced alterations in his brains. He said Pedro need an examination by a Psychatrist. Luisa first reacted by saying that her father was not crazy, but later admitted that she knew the cause of his severe depression. Carlos was hopeful and begged her to tell him so that both of them can use the information to bring about his diagnosis and cure and help Pedro to recover.

Luisa told him with a solemn voice that Pedro was not her father, and that the knowledge of this truth was the cause of his depressions. She told him how she got the information from her mother, Amelia, just before the accident. She weas sure Amelia must have confronted him with this truth, that was why she thought, they went for a divorce. She also reminded him of the 'prophecy' of the Gypsy at the circus that there is a secret that would change her life. Her paternity is one of such many secrets and they have begun to unfold and are also changing her life now. Carlos was touched with pity saying, "...I love you, my love", and on impulse, held her close and kissed her, she yeilded too to his tender kiss and compassion.

She recovered from the dose of kissing and withdrew herself with tears streaming her eyes, saying: "...we can't get back together again,... I no longer believe in you,... even when you say the truth, I would be looking for what lies you are feeding me with..., you have lied to me so well that you did it perfectly..., I can't trust you, ...it hurts me so much to know that while you were dating me, you were still having sex with Jennifer..., our relationship was the best thing that ever happened to me, but you threw it all away..." She left and walked out of his office.

Consuela went again to L.A's office to know if he was ready to 'play ball' by altering Don's will to favour her. When L.A seems to be tardy about it, she invoked the blackmail weapon against him, saying: "...you don't want to be broke and homeless, because when your wife hears about your attrocities, that is what wold happen to you. If I also tell my father about who you really are, he would report you to the legal council and you would lose your license..." she told him how Solozano was also blackmailing her demanding for 200,000 Dollars. So, a cornered L.A. agreed to get on with the alteration of Don's Will.

Solozano came again but met Heriberto who quickly ushered him to his office for their talks. Solozano gave Heriberto and (Consuela in absentia), one week to pay up 200,000 Dollars or he would have a 'long conversation' with Don Alcantara. He told Heriberto that since he is the General manager of his father in-law's steel company, he should not find it difficult to raise the blackmail money.

Heriberto was flustered after Solozano left, Virginia, his mistress cum secretary came in to assuage his tensed nerves, Consuelo came in without their knowledge. She watched the two illegal lovers for a few minutes and coughed to distract their romantic attention. She asked them if she was interrupting..., Virginia quickly shuffled out of the office. Consuela waved away the lies and excuses of Heriberto, as to why Virginia was masaging his hair. Consuela seemed to be more consumed with how to get out of the blackmail logjam of Solozano than starting a fight over her husband's infidelity. She told him that she has a grand plan to get that huge money out before the expiration of Solozano's one-week ultimatum.

Rigoberto called Carlos to come and see the deterioration of Don's memory as the old man has begun to write things on pieces of papers and stuck them everywhere at home. After prescription of drugs to take to delay the onset of memory loss, the old man told Carlos not to go yet. He chatted Carlos up on his girl-friend. Carlos confessed to him that he has lost her for good!

Marissa called Ordonez and asked him to enlist the services of detectives for a non-banking job. I am sure it is for tailing the movements of Luis Alejandro. She left for Jennifer's office. She told Jenny that even though, she did not have evidence yet, but she has intuition saying: "...I believe Andreina is sleeping with Luis Alejandro..." she told Jenny how she found Andreina in L.A's office and how flustered and nervous she and L.A. were, when she saw them together. She also said the controversial ring was found by L.A's feet on the floor. She concluded that she was sure Andreina came to return the ring and threw it on L.A. as it fell to the floor.

Jenny said she did not believe it, that it was not possible. Marissa confronted Jenny to tell the truth, if she really knew of the love affair between L.A. and Andreina, Jenny lied that she did not know. Marissa left without even giving Andreina her traditional goodbye kiss. Andreina immedistely knew that the woman is already suspicious.

L.A. learnt through Rosario and Clarita that Pedro tried to commit suicide and he is now hospitalised. This news shook him, and he rushed to the hospital to see Pedro, on getting there, he saw Luisa Farnanda, and he raised his voice, saying: "...young lady, I am looking for Pedro Perez..." Luisa looked with anger at him and challenged him, speaking through her teeth: "...what are you doing here!"

At last another secret stared face-to-face with L.A. would he recognize his daughter now, just like he did with Amelia at the restaurant? Would Luisa acknowledge and forgive him? Let's await the epic scenario that this explosive encounter would unfold at the next episode, Episode 40.

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