Saturday, November 04, 2006

Episode 50: The Girl "Showed" Up

If Rogoberto were a prophetess, by what happened in tonite's episode, she would have had a crowd surging at her doorstep. Even the gypsy or fortune teller that Carlos and Luisa Fernanda met at the Circus the other day, could not have the cutting-edge prophecy of Rigoberto Rondon, the old maid of the Alcantara house. She prophetically promised us in episode 17 that Luisa Fernanda would truly 'show up' in the life of the Alcantara's to claim her inheritance. Consuela was hit by an unexpected blow. The blow of the appearance of the true heiress to the Alcantara fortune- Luisa Fernanda Perez!

Vanessa succeeded in persuading and bringing L.F. to the mansion of Don for the job of paid companion to Don. On entering the house, Don Fernando and Rigo had travelled out of town for a burial ceremony of Rigo's cousin. As Vanessa introduced Consuela to L.F. as her step mother, it was as if she (Consuela) was thunder-stricken. Her eyes bulged out with disbelieve.

The things she had feared the most and worked against, all her life, strolled casually into her livingroom. She was frozen with fear and did not know, in that momentary seconds how to receive or reject 'queen' Fernanda. I have no doubt that, next week's episodes of this telenovela would be explosive intrigues, woven around Consuela's orchestrated battle against Luisa Fernanda's ascension to her 'throne'. The most interesting thing here is that L.F. has come to fulfill the destiny that was aborted for her mother Amelia Alcantara. She did not know that she is related to Don Alcantara, much less that, she is the heiress to the fortune of this Billionaire steel mogul. But she would know all that before she leaves the service of hired house maid and companion for the old man.

Virginia was so angry about the incident of attempted police arrest. She told Heriberto that it was "... that nasty witch and trouble maker who incited the police against me to get even with me because of her suspicion that I am sleeping with you." She accused heriberto of being so spineless and weak that he could not defend her openly against consuelo. She issued an ultimatum to Heriberto to choose between "... that poisonous woman you call your wife and me".

Alfredo confessed to L.F. that he was dying of jealousy because of L.F's confessed love for Carlos Eduardo. He said he could not sleep all night, because of crowded thoughts of her love, saying, it would be impossible to stop the feelings he had for her. L.F. agreed that is an uncomfortable circumstances, but told him not to abandon Pedro, even though she only liked him (Alfredo), but no feelings of love for him.

Marissa confessed to Carlos that even though she had sex with L.A, she did not know why she did it. She however suspected that it must be due to her wounded pride that crave satisfaction and vengeance, to prove that she was better in bed than Andreina with L.A.

Don Fernando was so sympathetic with L.A's condition, but told him that his request for advance salary may be difficult for the company to grant now because 200,000 Dollars, the entire payroll money, had just been stolen by burglars from the company's safe. The old man told him that he had to escort Rigo to the burial of her cousin, saying, "...I'd leave you with Consuela."

No sooner had they left than Consuela pounced on L.A. forcing herself on him, in kissing and hot romance. She told him that she would make him the president of the steel company if he 'plays ball' with her. While they were still in the amorous embrace, Camilla, the assistant cook appeared from the kitchen and saw all the romantic drama. L.A. broke up her grip whe he discovered that the cook was watching free amorous 'video'.

L.A spoke angrily to her as he walked out on her, saying that she is always putting him in trouble with her kisses and amorous advances. He warned that now that he would be working for her father's company, he doesn't want to have problem with her husband. Consuela was frustrated by his weak obstinacy and she threatened him that he would soon come crawling to her for money, and she would be waiting for him. Consuela called and threatened Camilla never to claim or tell anybody that she saw what she had just see.

L.A. assured a worried Allicia, his secretary, not to worry about the eviction, and that he had gotten a job as legal adviser to a gigantic steel company, and that he would take her along as secretary to the new place. This news soothed the frayed nerves of Alicia.

A state attorney came to inquire from L.A. why his properties were been packed out of the office block. He told him that he had gotten offer as legal Adviser to a big company and had to leave. He sat the attorney down and told him how timely his visit was. He told the attorney to begin proceedings against Leopoldo for money laundry, tax evasion and Blackmail. When the attorney told him that L.A had defended and vouched for Leopoldo before, what happened now? He simply told the man that, he had done his own private investigations and found out the truth. He apologized for being Leopoldo's counsel that vouched for him in the past, saying he has withdrawn his defence of Leo. So goes the battle to disgrace and dethrone Leopoldo from the Andreina's 'love palace'. Let's wait to see how Leo would respond to this prepared blow 'under the belt' from L.A.

Ceasar came to Carlos in the hospital for medical test for HIV and other dieseases as part of the prerequisite for marriage to Clarita. Carlos seized the opprtunity to help him 'straighten' the bridal train by suggesting to him to make L.F. the Maid of Honor, while making him the best-man. He said that would afford him opportunity to be with and reconcile with L.F. throughout the ceremony. This was actually a coup against Jenny as she too, having heard that Carlos was supposed to act as father of the bride, was scheming to be with Carlos throughout the ceremony. He told Ceasar that he envies his happiness.

Lupe stormed Clarita's house to warn her to call-off the wedding plans. she said she had a thousand reasons why Clarita was not a right choice for his son and that marrying her would ruin his son's life. She even made a derogatory remark about the fairly-used wedding gown that Clarita and her god mother, Rosario, plan to adjust and dryclean for the occassion. Clarita broke down in tears and sadness with the snobbish attitude of her mother-in-law to be.

Suzana came to the mental hospital telling Alfredo that she was a distant relative of Pedro. She was told that he was under sedation and should come another day. Marissa came to book appointment with Dr. Alfredo Anzola for depression induced by L.A's infidelity and separation. Vanessa did not fail to mention to L.F. that Carlos Eduardo's parents are separated and L.A is now working as legal adviser to her step grand father's steel company. She was excited that since Carlos presumably would be coming to visit his 'dad' regularly, it would afford her opportunity to cement her relationship to him.

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