Sunday, November 12, 2006

Snippets 64

L.F told Sister Joaquina how Pedro slapped her because she reconciled with Carlos. She tried to break open the box of luggage containing Amelia's properties, per chance she finds any hidden information there about who her real father was.

Congressman Contreras paid L.A a handsome cash reward, for giving evidence at a public smear Press Conference against Leopoldo.

Marissa suddenly fell sick due to a strange illness, Alfredo attended to her. The house servants and other employees from the bank became worried by the strange illness of their boss, Marissa. Lupe and Ordo'├▒ez planned to visit her at the hospital.

Consuela sold the idea of vengeance to Vanessa in order to get even with L.F. over Carlos Eduardo. In this episode she initially rejected the idea and told Consuela so. Consuela warned Rigo not to take Don to meet with Pedro in the hospital, and threatened her that she would bear the consequences of what ever happened to her father at the mental hospital. Rigo, in obedience to Consuela tried to persuade Don not to visit Pedro, but the old man stubbornly insisted that he would go.

Scheming Jennifer deliberately accompanied Carlos to visit Marissa in the hospital. She was hoping to show off to whoever cares, particularly Luisa Fernanda, that she is still in charge of Carlos. Two love victims, Vanessa and Lucero lick their wounds in the battle for their respective men.

Joaquina punctured the lies of Pedro, saying that they both knew their parents and where they were buried.

Dr. Arreola called C.E. privily and told him that someone had tampered with his prescription to Don and have adminisitered a wrong drug (sedative) instead, on the old man.

Leopoldo stumbled on Contreras and was shocked to find him amorously ravaging his hands all over Andreina's body.

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