Monday, November 13, 2006

Snippets 65

Specialist Dr. Arreola told C.E of the complicated disease of Marissa and war5ned him that it hereditary.

L.F. requested that Alfredo take her to the hospital to visit Marissa. When they got there, she was surprised to find Jenny in the company of Carlos Eduardo.

Leopoldo was mad with jealousy to find Deputy Contreras and Andreina in a compromising posture. When he challenged Andreina, the deputy was angry, not knowinhg that Andreina and Leopoldo knew each other. He made moves to slap Leopoldo but missed him. Leopoldo told Contreras that Andreina was not L.A's secretary as he claimed but his mistress and that was why L.A. was ready to smear him to get even because he too was dating Andreina. In the course of the chat, L.A appeared. Contreras challenged L.A for lying to him that he had no love relationship with Andreina.

Rigoberto was worried by the obstinacy of Don to meet with Pedro. Consuela wanted Heriberto to talk to Ordonez to withdraw from investigating her. Marissa was worried by the diagnosis of the specialists and her deteriorating health.

When Carlos came out after talking with Dr. Areola, L.F went to console him, as she embraced him, Jenny interrupted their embrace with distractive questions. Jenny phoned L.A to alert him about Marissa's deteriorating health. She wanted to create a scene at the hospital, hoping if L.A. comes he would accuse L.F of being a gold-digger. Jenny went into the hospital ward, she concorted a lie that the reason why Carlos had not come to see her was becaue he was busy running around town with his gardener's daughter girlfriend. Marissa did not know that Carlos had come to see her and had even talked to the doctors on her case. Jenny wanted to use her concocted lies to make Marissa to hate L.F. and therefore separate her son Carlos from L.F. Lupe heard all the lies of Andreina, and she quickly went to tell Lic Ordonez about the lies that Jenny told Marissa.

Armando has concluded his suspicion and was determined to confront L.A to confirm if he was his father.

Alfredo was so disappointed about Carlos-L.F reconciliation that he annouced to Lupe that he wants to change residence. L.A. visited Marissa and began to shed crocodile tears when Carlos told him about the strange illness. He wanted to use this opportunity to warm his way back into Marissa's sick heart.

Consuela tried for the second time to convince Vanessa to seek revenge against L.F for snatching her boyfriend.

Consuela fired Luisa Fernanda as part of her plans to deal with her using Vanessa.


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Yu a dam 2 swit. kip up d good work.

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Hi Phil,
I can't thank you enough for these snippets. I wouldn't want to jump the gun and ask for more because I quite appreciate the time and energy you put into doing this. You've really got me hooked to this blog and it makes it easy to follow the soap. Keep up the good work.

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Well havent read through all the snippetssent to meby the most adorable lady(i hope you re getting set for that beauty peagent) i dont know where this person got the wing that Arlmando is Jenny son. Well Phil i hope your next snippets will clarify this better.