Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Episode 66: What Marissa Forgot!

They said he had Alzheimer disease, that he has memory loss and suffers from amnesia. Don Fernando, the multi Billionaire steel magnate, who has been turned into a domestic mockery by his daughter, Consuelo, is the one who showed Marissa the inconvenient truth that Marissa chose to forget in tonite's episode.

Don Came into Marissa's bedroom and cheered her up, also telling her that he could not but come with his personal companion, the girlfriend of Carlos Eduardo, when he heard that she was a little under the weather. Jennifer was offended by Don's statement, so she mocked his statement, saying, "... Personal Companion??? you mean, your personal servant!" Don was pissed off by this mocker, and he challenged her saying: "who are you, young lady to teach me what I know?" Marissa quickly intervened by introducing her as her good friend, Jennifer de la Vega.

The old man smiled and said: "... Ok, now I understand your attitude, so you are the lady who made up that phony pregnancy story to keep Carlos Eduardo and Luicita apart!" It was as if a bucket of frozen water was poured on Jenny, she sank into silence and disappeared from the room. Marissa too was uncomfortable with the bitter reminder that Don brought to the fore. She tried to change the subject by telling Don that her son loved him like a father, he too said he loved him like a son, and he thanked Marissa for the unexpected loan her bank wanted to give to his steel factory. He also expressed his happiness for the reunion of Carlos and Luicito. Marissa could not tolerate any, more of the L.F promo that the old man is indulging in, so, she quickly found excuse to dispatch the old man to help her look for Carlos to come and take care of her.

Those who refused to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And when history repeats itself, it does so, first as a FARCE, like the phony pregnancy case, and later as a TRAGEDY. Marissa holds the key to the good fortune of this telenovela, if she looses that key to the wicked, to rule and ruin her life, a tragedy of incomparable dimension cannot be averted. Marissa unwittingly, is preparing herself for a tragic manipulation that would send her to "hell" for two years, and consequently send Carlos and Luisa Fernanda (the prime lovers), into a life of misery, sorrow and public disgrace, for the same period. What a shame, What a folly! and What a Lesson for us to learn about the kind of friends that surround us often.

Tonite's episode was all-round victory for Don Fernando. Earlier in the drama at home, Consuela fired L.F partly because she was asking for advance salary to pay for her her father's (Pedro) medical expenses. Consuela told her that the money shall be her terminal salary because her services were no longer needed, simply because she accused L.F of upsetting the nerves of her father, with her emotional cries for pity. Don overheard her hysteric shouts and came asking what the matter was. Rigo told him that Consuela wanted to sack Luicito because she asked for salary advance.

Don responded marvelously by saying: "... the one who really upset my nerves in this house is you, Consuela. In this house, I give the orders, because it me that pays all the workers and not you... Instead of accusing Luicito of being a stranger, it's you who have lately become a stranger here, you have grown jealous of this young girl, whereas she has been tender towards me, she did not upset my nerves like you did." Defeated Consuela angrily left the house with Heriberto.

Don told L.F to take him to Marissa's house to cheer her up. L.F was reluctant because of L.A who has been a nuisance to her recently at the hospital before Marissa was discharged. Don understood, but assured her that L.A is just one of his employees in his steel factory, and if the man should insult her again, he would simply fire him. So, she took him to Marissa's house. On getting there, Carlos took Don to his room for private talks. L.F insisted that she would just wait for them inside the garden with Clarita.

Jenny appeared with flowers for Marissa and saw L.F in the garden, and with blazing eyes, she said to her: "... so, the little girl is waiting outside, well, excuse me, because, in this house, I don't need to wait or hang around". L.F told her that she came with Mr. Fernando and does not have time for her tantrums, saying she could go inside, if she wanted because it is her boyfriend's house. Jenny disagreed, saying this house belongs to Marissa and not Carlos Eduardo. She assured L.F that she should go look for another boyfriend in her gardener's class, saying that Marissa would never allow her son to marry a gardener's daughter. She told L.F that she is beneath her class and that L.A would soon come out and make sure she is behind bars as he had promised her.

Jenny went in to tell L.A who was already toasting Marissa with fake promises that she should give him another opportunity to prove to her that she could, once again trust him by asking him to return and live with her as her husband. Marissa was on the verge of agreement because when Carlos told Marissa at the hospital, just before she was discharged, to sent him out. She disagreed with him, saying, "He has a right to be with me, because he is still my husband".

L.A. ran out of the room threatening to chase L.F out of the compound, saying get house of my house now. Carlos appeared and came to her rescue saying: "... the one who is going out of here now is You!". He told L.A to apologize to his girlfriend and wife-to-be for insulting her he refused. Then, Carlos threaten to beat him up if he did not get out of the compound immediately. L.A was humiliated out of the house. But he left a memorable word for Carlos that he would soon return to live as the head of the house.

That Man Is Clever
Odonez inspected the steel factory and promise Consuelo and Heriberto to write a report to the credit department bank to facilitate a speedy conclusion of the loan requested for. He later told Lupe at the office that L.A is now the legal adviser, with an office and a secretary, at the steel factory. Lupe was surprised and said that the man is very clever. Ordonez said he was not only clever, but also sneaky and a cheat. He suspected that he was rewarded by Consuelo, who paid a detective so that Amelia would not be brought back home. He swore with the memory of Amelia, that he would get to the root of this fraud scheme to deprive Luisa Fernanda from getting her inheritance. He even suggested going to Don to reveal all this truth.

L.A returne to the office to meet Rigo and Detective Medina. He took Medina in, and the detective reported back to him that Armando Perreira was the son of Elvira Perreira of Vera Cruz. She is still alive but the father could not be traced! L.A mused aloud in his heart at the revelation, saying in his heart: "Elvira Perreira was my girlfriend!"

Pedro was so obsessed with L.F-Carlos renewal of relationship that He began to insult his elder sister, Joaquina for always defending and protecting Carlos. Joaquina explained to him that his hatred was unfounded, because Montero is not the father of carlos. His father's name was Gomez. But Pedro was blinded with his obsession that he described L.F and her late mother, Amelia as ungrateful. Joaquina was offended by this categorizatioin and she told him so. he bacame so furious with Joaquina that he called her a traitor and little witch, commanding her to get him out of the mental prison that L.F locked her into so that she can go around with that 'bast**d' as he characteristically described Carlos. Joaquina broke into tears for her brother that had gone bonkers.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about you guys but I am trying not to judge Consuela too harshly. I consider her schemings and evil plots as acts of desperation and for her, it's a fight for survival. I see her as a victim of sort: as a kid, she was the less favorite; as an adolescent, she lost out to her kid sister in competing for Luis Alejandro's attention; as a grown adult, she stands being disinherited by her dad. What human being can take that? As a person, I wouldn't go as far as Consuela, but we react differently to things. It's a pity that in Mexican soaps, the very pretty ones are always the most evil minded. I hope this is not the case in real life.

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Hi anonymous friend,

Ain't you missed some crucial points before arriving at your conclusions? Consuela plotted the disinheritance of Amelia right from the day she knew Amelia was pregnant by L.A, and she succeeded!

Her success was short-lived when, Don discovered that Consuela was infertile to bear a grand child, to continue the Alcantara lineage, that's what pushed the man into repentance and started seeking for the rejected Amelia and his granddaughter.

What Consuela is fighting is not an Amelia or Luisa Fernanda, What she is fighting against is DESTINY! Whenever any man draws the battle line for Destiny, that line becomes a pit of destitution, where the destiny challenger would be buried.

Consuela cannot escape a burial of destitution, she's fighting an unwinnable war. Your tonnage of pity for her can't save her from death by destitution.

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