Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Episode 67: The Fools Paradise

Like I said yesterday, Marissa began her journey to the grave by giving the trickster, L.A another chance to prove that he 'loves' her and she can trust him again. Tonite, two things happened simultaneously. While Marissa was busy churning out orders to Ordonez to stop the divorce proceedings in court against L.A, the bum was busy revealing and reviewing with his lover, Andreina, his plans to murder Marissa, if she gives him the second chance to come into her life again.

With her own hands, she signed her death warrant with a pen flowing with the ink of the fool's paradise. Marissa is a lesson in emotional weakness. In any society, the most shrewd set of people or profession are the money lenders or Bankers. Remember the fable of the 'Merchant of Venice'? Marissa has put the impeccable reputation of the banking profession into a huge shame. To allow an emotional robber toy with your life is one weakness too much.

For 18 years, this bum has played the gigolo, toying with her money, and she did not know this, until recently when she caught him cheating on her with a concubine called Andreina. That was sufficient evidence to break completely with emotional folly. To open again the door of her heart for a grand reception for this emotional thief, is something incomprehensible and, I believe the generation to come from that family lineage (the Alcantaras and the Gomez Ruiz), would never forgive the memory of this woman who opened the door of calamity, for tragedy to invade the family fortunes.

Every chain breaks at its weakest link. Marissa in this hour, represents the worst and weakest link in the love-chain of Luisa Fernanda and Carlos Eduardo. I am afraid she would bring incalculable disaster unto these two youngsters for the next two years, by her ungodly decision of emotional weakness, to bring Luis Alejandro back into her home and life. She is a message for every rich old lady that have hot pants for very young men. They are courting disasters! That is the message!

Touch Not Luicito!
Rigoberto, the no-nonsense old maid of the Alcantara's house is truly a guardian Angel. She heard L.F telling Don Fernando how L.A threatened her with imprisonment, because of loosing a case to her in court sometime ago. She stormed L.A's office to warn him that, not a single strand of hair from that young girl's hair must be plucked by L.A. She counter-threatened L.A that, she would expose him as a trickster and liar to Don Fernando. She promised him that, if he touches L.F, she would tell Don that he was the bast**d that impregnated Amelia 20 years ago. A word they say, is enough for the wise, or in this case, a trickster.

Forget About Your Father
Armando stormed the office of L.A with his girlfriend Carol, after they have excused Carol. Armando challenged L.A to tell him if he was his father. L.A told him that he must be crazy to jump to such conclusions and that, their coincidental resemblance was not biological, but one of those rare but possible cases of life. When he mentioned his mother's name, Armando was shocked, he asked him how he knew his mother and yet claimed he never met her? L.A lied to him that Jenny was concerned because he (Armando), was going out with her sister, Carol, and requested him to investigate Armando Perreira. He told him all the data, that Medina gave him, about his high grades in the University, his best friend's name etc. These additional facts calmed down his suspicions.

L.A offered him immediately the job of a Personal Assistant. Armando was overwhelmed with gratitude by this surprised and unsolicited employment. Armando said he would call his mother to tell her that he has gotten a new job. L.A became afraid, and told him not to tell his mom yet so that the woman would not be too anxious. He also told him to forget about his father, because he is already a grown-up man. L.A promised that he would teach him the tricks of the legal business, saying law thrives on tricks. What a heritage!

After Armando left, L.A said to himself: "... life is funny, I did not have any child with Marissa, now I have two, a boy and a girl..., now I must find who the girl is..."

He is Not My Father!
L.F was worried the way Carlos treated L.A shabbily, saying, how could he treat his father like that. Carlos said: "...C'mmon my love, that st*pid bast**d isn't my father. He married my mother when I was young, My father died when I was four years old, my mother married him a few years after, despite all our objections to the marriage. I have never called him a father. He married my mother because of her money."

Your Mouth Is Filthy
Don Fernando dealt another blow on Consuela tonite by asking her to shut her filthy mouth. Consuela was surprised that Don came back from Marissa's house alone, so she asked him saying: ", that servant left you alone to come home by yourself?" Don was offended by her statement, and he called her to order, saying, "... that girl girl is not just a simple servant, neither is she an idiot as you called her... you have a filthy mouth, and only filthy things come out of it. Keep quiet if you have nothing clean to say about that girl." L.F entered at that moment, Don just grabbed her and told her that he had something private he wanted to tell her, so, he took her, in spite of the boiling jealousy of Consuela, to his study.

When they got there, he gave her the envelope containing a bulk money, and told her that was her salary for several months, paid in advance. She was surprised and grateful, and never suspected that the money was from Carlos Eduardo. Consuela was waiting for her when she came out of Don's study. She demanded from her, what was the private talks that Don was having with her. To my annoyance, L.F foolishly sat down to tell Consuela that Don gave a lot of monies to cover several month's salary.

What else does L.F needs to acknowledge this red snake as her enemy? Was it when she called her father, Pedro a lunatic; or when she fired her before Don rescued her; or when she lied to her and incited her against Rigo, but she later found out that Rigo was a sweet angel; or when Don openly accuse her(Consuela), of acting strangely and being jealous of L.F? Why would she have to open her mouth to tell the secret of what Don did for her in the open, to this poisonous snake? This grave error would cost her, her freedom very soon, as Consuela would use that information to accuse her later of stealing money from her house.

Jennifer lost her balance for the rest of the day because of the acidic tongue of Don Fernando. She felt very low to discover that, a complete stranger like Don, knew her phony pregnancy secrets.

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