Monday, November 27, 2006

Snippets 90

Because Marissa confronted Pedro with the inescapable truth, he could not look Marissa in the eye, he admitted the truth that Pedrito was truly Carlos Eduardo's son! Marissa got home and told Jenny that Pedro had confessed the truth that Pedrito was Carlos Eduardo's son by Luisa Fernanda. She however assured Jenny that she would not disclose the truth to Carlos until after her wedding to Carlos.

Pedro confessed to L.F that he had told Marissa the truth about Pedrito's paternity. Alfredo was disappointed but managed to hide his disappointment. L.F and Alfredo decided that they would have to disclose the truth to Carlos by their own mouth and not through any third party. Alfredo knew in his heart that his wedding plans with L.F would crash immediately if Carlos should know this truth. So he hid his fears and pessimism from L.F.

The plot thickens. Jenny organized a grand family dinner at home to herald the decision on the wedding date between her and Carlos. Marissa confronted Carlos that after two years of living as concubines, it is time that he fixes a date for marrying Jenny. He looked up and said TWO DAYS TIME! Jenny was overjoyed with this decision. Marissa went to L.A at the hospital to break the 'good news' of Carlos' wedding to Jennifer in 2 days time.

Don Fernando was tired of the ding-dong game between Heriberto and Daniel, Vanessa's fiance. He demanded that both Consuelo and Roberto accept and respect the choice of Vanessa for marriage. Don complained against manipulation by parents when two people love each other. In the midst of his statement, his memory suddenly came alive and he remembered how Marissa and Jennifer Manipulated against Luicito and Carlos Eduardo. He asked after Luicito and demanded that he wants to meet her immediately. He instructed Consuelo to call her on phone immediately. Consuelo almost choked with shock on the seat, she was scared to death as Don regained his precious lost memories. Rigo was exceedingly happy. The time of recompense drew nigh!

Alicia tried to keep away incriminating documents that L.A used for his shady deals when he was the bank's president. Ordonez caught her and told her drop them .After she left, Ordonez assembled the documents and went to hide it with Lupe.

When Odonez met Carlos the next day, Carlos invited him to his wedding ceremony in 24hours time. Ordonez was shocked, and he asked him if he knew that Pedrito was his son. Meanwhile, the 'chairlady' of the 'fans club', Clarita, went to tell L.F that in 24 hours, Carlos would be married to Jenny!

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Sandra said...

Jannifer is a green snake under a green grass. I dislike her. My advise to carlos, he should hold what belong to him fairly. He should forget about his mum who is still dying for love at her age.