Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snippets 91

Ordonez released another 'bomb', telling Carlos that Alfredo and L.F are also just about to marry in less than two weeks time. He told him that his mom and Jennifer had decided to hide the info about Pedrito's paternity from him, until after his marriage (I call it, "Matrimonial Trap") to Jenny. Carlos was boiling over with anger and he practically ran home, spoiling for a fight.

Just before Carlos got home, Rosario was indicting Marissa for forcing her son, Carlos, into an "arrangee" marriage in which he does not love his partner, Jennifer.

From his sick bed, L.A directed operations, led by Armando to recover all the documents that contains the shady deals of L.A when he was the bank's president. He commanded that the boxes containing the documents be stolen in a commando fashion led by Armando.

Alfredo enlisted the legal services of his friend once again, to help Pedro in the adoption of Salvador, whom Pedro picked from the streets.

Don Fernando's first wish after the gradual recovery of his memory, to meet again with Luicito was fulfilled, as Vanessa and Rigoberto took him to L.F's house. Don carried Pedrito. As they were chatting with L.F, Pedro came in, he felt jealous and threatened by Don's presence in his house, he became furious that they came unannounced. He chased all of them out of his house.

Carlos stormed his mother's room to accuse her of manipulating his proposed wedding to Jennifer by hiding the truth of his Paternity of Pedrito. Jennifer also returned from a shopping spree with Carol for her wedding gown and other ceremonial needs. Carlos accused both his mom and Jenny, for scheming against him, by hiding the truth of Pedrito being his son to him. He announced the shocker to them as retaliation. Tomorrow's Wedding Canceled. No more wedding! He told Jenny to forget about getting him to marry her again.

Jennifer lied by denying her complicity in the scandal. She employed bold-face tactics to tell him that Pedrito was not his son. He replied that he would go right away to L.F's house to confirm the truth.

L.A was discharged and Marissa went to bring him home from the hospital. Armando asked him to fulfill his promise of renting an apartment for him and Carol since Jenny has thrown them out of her house. Jenny came to lo0bby L.A to insist to Marissa to force Carlos to marry her.

Marissa confessed to Nana Rosario that it was Jenny who forced her to play game by hiding the truth of Pedrito's Paternity from Carlos.

Reluctant Alfredo and L.F met Carlos Eduardo at the door, just as they were about setting out to go to his house, with the mission to go and confess to Carlos that Pedrito was his son. As soon as he met, them, Carlos asked L.F, saying: "... Where is my son, I would love to meet him." They were surprised that he already knew about Pedrito as his son.

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