Sunday, November 12, 2006

Luisa Fernanda Wins Character Poll

The Election Results are out! Wait a minute, not the U.S Mid-term elections, but the Seven-Day Character Poll which we set up last Sunday. Don't tell me about Nancy Pelosi being the winner, we all know already that she is set to make history as the FIRST woman to ascend the throne of SPEAKER of the House of Representatives, in American Democratic history. The winner of our poll is Princess Luisa Fernanda- Mariana Ochoa. She beat 19 other characters to the finishing line in the seven days race, with 162 votes!

Consuelo Alcantara 20 votes
Luis Alejandro Montero 19 votes
Rigoberto 83 votes
Luisa Fernanda 162 votes
Alfredo Anzola 8 votes
Carlos Eduardo Gomez 159 votes
Marissa Gomez 43 votes
Jennifer de la Vega 14 votes
Lic Ordonez 10 votes
Clarita 12 votes
Ceasar 11 votes
Lupe 1 vote
Rosario 3 votes
Pedro Perez 44 votes
Amelia Alcantara 4 votes
Vanessa 11 votes
Carolina 0 votes
Lucero 1 vote
Leopoldo 13 votes
Andreina 14 votes
Closely following her is our Prince Charming, Carlos Eduardo Gomez with 159 votes. The third position slot was snatched my our wise and adorable mama: Rigoberto, with 83 votes.

We thank all 'gardeners'


Rekiya said...

Carlos is simply the best. Luisa is damn too sturborn. jenifer and consuelo are great fools. marrisa is just too vunerable. i vote carlos edwardo as the best.

Rekiya said...

Ojikutu is doing a great job. since PHCN stopped giving us light in the evenings, i have missed my favourite episodes. thank you for making me stay informed. kindly post episodes one to 47 for my kids and sisters. thank you.