Monday, November 13, 2006

Snippets of Episode 56

Episode 56
Consuela refused to grant the prayers of Vanessa to sack L.F. Marissa accepted the prayers of Caesar and Clarita to use her house as venue for their wedding reception. She also took Clarita out, shopping for wedding dress.

Armando the schemer, went to plead with Lucero, but Lucero told him, that she overheard him telling Carol that he never kissed her, Lucero snubbed him. Carlos met with Vanessa to clear the misunderstanding surrounding his love relationship with L.F. but Vanessa's mind is made up for revenge, so, she just ignored the explanations of Carlos.

L.F refused the pleadings of Don to forgive Carlos, and she refused to even talk with him, because she still suspected that he is still dating Jenny, based on the information of Vanessa. Carlos assured her that there is no such thing, and that Jenny was just scheming like she usually does.

Carol told Jennifer that she suspected Mrs Marissa of having a romantic interest in her boyfriend Armando, but Jenny explained the suspicion of Marissa to her- that Marissa suspected Armando to be the son of L.A whom he had out of wedlock, before marrying her.

Lic Ordonez began investigation and closed up on Solozano based on the evidence he got from the confidential files he took from L.A's office. He questioned Solozano about what he knew about Amelia before her death. Solo confirmed to Lic that Don was searching for Amelia before her death.

The detectives discovered that Solozano was a client of Consuela and they questioned her about the relationship between them. Consuela was cornered, and she tried to unsuccessfully bribe the detectives to stop the investigation.

L.A. visited the Deputy in company of Andreina, the deputy suspected that a love affair is going on between them, but L.A. denied it. He now told L.A to help him book a dating appointment with Andreina.

Marissa was angry with the way Carlos treated Jennifer at the restaurant, she advised him to forget about L.F. Leopoldo complaint with Jennifer.

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