Monday, November 13, 2006

Snippets 57

Consuela goes about in the house with a heavy burden of supsicion and guilt. She was troubled when she saw Rigo and L.F weeping together. She had tried unsuccessfully to separate these two people, with sponsored hatred and rivalry. Now seeing them so intimate and crying, she suspected that they may be discussing Amelia. She ignored them and left the house.

Carlos Eduardo was furious with his mom, and warned her not to interfere, in his love affairs by way of advising him to forget the ONLY love of his life: LUISA FERNANDA

Pancho got information about Pedro from Lupe, and he told Caesar, so both of them went to visit Pedro at the mental hospital. In the course of their discussion, they planned how to smuggle Pedro out of the Mental hospital to attend Caesar's wedding.

Sister Joaquina came to plead Carlos Eduardo's case with L.F, asking her to forgive him and get back into relationship with him. L.F. was bothered that every body, including Don Fernando supports and liked Carlos Eduardo. She still stubbornly refuses to get back together with Carlos.

In the last episode, Pedro had, during psychotherapy treatment told Alfredo the history of his relationship with his late wife Amelia, also telling him that he was not the biological father of L.F. Now Alfredo told L.F that Pedro already knew he is not her father.

Carol told Armando about the suspicion of Marissa that L.A. may be his father. Armando was interested in knowing and meeting L.A. to confirm the truth of his fatherhood.

The second escape of Pedro, planned by Pancho and Caesar was successful and he vowed never to return again to the hospital. Pedro was really worried with Carlos always hanging around L.F. so he almost attacked Carlos with a broken bottle, warning him never to come near his daughter again. Policemen intervened and separated the ensuing fight between Pedro and Carlos. They were arrested and taken to police custody. Information filtered out to L.F and Joaquina that Pedro had escaped again and this time, he tried to attack Carlos Eduardo with a broken bottle. L.F and Alfredo came to the police station to bail out Pedro.

Heriberto showed L.A. round the office and introduced him to the staff. He said he had met Virginia before. Now, old man Don Fernando wanted L.A. to take him to Amelia's house. Consuela and L.A. planned to deceive him by taking him to another person to show him as his daughter, because they did not want to tell him that Amelia is dead.

Lupe has reconciled herself with the inevitability of Caesar's wedding to Clarita. She went to invite Lic Ordonez to the wedding. Lic tried to match the information Solzano gave him with what Lupe knew about Amelia and her Alcantara family. She confirmed it.

Alfredo interrogated the securityman at the hospital who confessed that it was Pancho and Caesar who smuggled Pedro out of the hospital. L.A. got wind of his mising confidential documents on Amelia and wanted Ordonez to return it back to him. L.A. helped the deputy to fix a date with Andreina.

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