Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Snippet 5: Emotional Coup de tat

Blanca's quest to seek her 'dead' daughter of 23 years ago refused to be satisfied even by Fermín's message that her daughter's grave does not exist in the cemetery. The only one who holds the the answer to the mystery question surrounding Blanca's supposedly dead daughter of 23 years ago is Dominga. She launched out under the cover of the night, into the Casa Grande, in search of Crisanta. She too was troubled by the two encounters between Esmeralda and José Armando. As she landed in the mansion, Blanca recognized her and fled in terror.

Dominga refused to be discouraged by Blanca's fear, she went into the main house, where she found an equally terrified Crisanta. Desperate efforts by Crisanta to dismiss Dominga and distanced herself from her sin of 23 years ago failed. Rodolfo and his 'son' saw her. Rodolfgo was happy and excited, he gave a chunk of money as appreciation for helping to deliver his 'son' 23 years ago. He also assured her not to cease coming regularly to visit the family.

Lucio took advantage of Dominga's absence to visit Esmeralda at home. He tried unsuccessfully to seduce her. Later when Dominga came back from the Casa Grande, she gave Esmeralda some money to go and buy a beautiful dress to wear during the vacation period of Rodolfo's family in the village.

José Armando was worried by the obsessive concern and care that Adrián had for Esmeralda. Dionisio tried to quench his worry by telling him that Adrián affection for Esmeralda was just brotherly love and not sensual love.

Blanca's heart pumped rapidly when Florecita, the daughter of Dionisio related the story of her best friend, Esmeralda, to her.

Trouble was stirred up in the city when Graciela received a fax msg from José Armando, that he met a beautiful lady in the village. Fátima warned her to pack her luggage and go straight to the village, if she is not prepared to lose Armando, to another lady before he returned from the countryside.

Dominga planned an emotional coup, by making Esmeralda to wear her new dress to church on Sunday. Armando was stricken by love thunderbolt when he saw Esmeralda arrayed in her new dress in church.

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