Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Snippet 6: Captured on the Dancing Floor

The love thunderbolt that struck Armando in the church propelled him into the beginning of friendships with Esmeralda. He promised not to pursue her, or call her a strawberry thief again. As a sign of reconciliation, he invited her to his mansion, Casa Grande, for a dinner to seal their friendship. When Esmeralda got home and in excitement, announced her new friendship with José Armando, Dominga smiled because of the success of phase one of her patiently planned emotional coup de tat.

The scheming desperadoes Fátima and her daughter, Graciela arrived from the city unto Casa Grande. The first anxious question Fátima threw at Blanca was about the peasant village girl that seems to have captured the heart of Armando. Blanca told her that she did not know anything about her.

The marriage proposal and the impending preparations for it, was a news of pride for both Fátima and Rodolfo, though for different reasons. Because of the constant romantic harassment of Esmeralda by that old fox called Lucio, she tried to investigate how he looked physically, but Lucio forbade her from touching his disfigured face.

Florecita and her friend went to watch the traditional cock-fight in the village center. Esmeralda dragged her friend from the scene because, she felt it was an abuse of the birds. They both went to savor the waterfall.

Later in the night, she dressed up for the dinner at Casa Grande, Dominga did not permit her to wear the controversial and historic emerald earrings. She knew that it would be the tell tale sign that could abort her coup against Blanca and José Armando. During the dancing session, musician Adrián sang a song that pissed off Graciela, so she went to sit down.

The floor was left for José Armando to invite, and dance with Esmeralda. While dancing, blind Esmeralda tripped and would have fallen, but for the waiting and supportive arms of José Armando. He caught her and drew her close to him, savouring her stunning natural beauty which already sent his heart racing. This also provoked the envy of Graciela and Fátima.

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