Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Snippet 8: After The First Kiss

When José Armando learnt that He was the first man to ever kiss Esmeralda, he was moved with tender affection for her, but all hell broke loose because of this. Graciela noticed the sudden change of attitude and affection towards her by José Armando. Even, Lucio was mad when he learnt that Esmeralda went to dinner and dancing party in Casa Grande.

Fermín was not only a bosom friend of Esmeralda, he was also her confidant, whom she shared the few known secrets of her life with. When she told him about her romantic encounter with José Armando, he was happy for her. He however told her that he as a person was not cut out for it because it carried a component called suffering, which he could not handle.

Lucio told Juana the root cause of his disfigured facial looks. It was several years ago when Dominga's hut caught fire, Domnga ran out leaving poor baby Esmeralda in the inferno. Lucio went into the fire to save Esmeralda from being burnt. That was how he got burnt and his face disfigured. Since then, he had held Dominga to ransom and blackmail. He demanded as compensation that Dominga pay him back with Esmeralda as his wife, for saving the poor girl. That is why he boasts every time that Esmeralda is his property.

Graciela would not mount nor learn how to ride horses. Her trip to the village was a disaster, their was no iota of affection from José Armando towards her. It was a dry vacation for her. She was exceedingly unhappy by the new twist of strange attitude exhibited by José Armando.

Crisanta inquired from Dionisio about where Dominga lives. When Crisanta got there and asked for the gr4ave of Blanca's 'dead' daughter of 23 years ago, Dominga lied by saying that she buried her in some unknown mountains in the suburb of the village.

Lucio forbade Esmeralda from seeing José Armando again, because he was jealous when she told him of her romantic encounter with him.

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