Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Snippets 114

Surprise, surprise, Lic Ordonez declared to Lupe that he loved her, as he was consoling her after her bitter quarrel with her son, Caesar. She had told Caesar he should forget about knowing Reuben, his father because the scoundrel had abandoned her immediately after he learnt that she was pregnant for him. Caesar had bitterly demanded to know his father regardless of her bitter feelings of vengeance for the man. Ordonez had to intervene by making Lupe to realize that Caesar has a right to know his father. He also assured her that she would never be lonely again, as he would always be there standing in love by her.

Carlos began to use his head to calculate. He wanted to make a profound statement with his mom's love for Pedro. So, he requested his mom top take him to Pedro and let the man use his mouth to tell him that he loves his mom to him.

Don Fernando, after full recovery was discharged from the hospital to go home. When Carlos and Marissa arrived Pedro's house, he (Pedro) apologized for his differences with Carlos over the years and confessed that He truly loved Marissa in the presence of L.F. The two held each other and went out to celebrate their love at a nearby restaurant, leaving Carlos and L.F alone in the house. L.F confessed her worry to Carlos that L.A may be planning a jealous revenge against Pedro, that was why she was skeptical if the relationship could work because of the murderous and jealous vengeance of L.A.

L.A called Consuelo to meet him urgently at an hotel downtown. When Consuelo arrived, he begged her to help him by convincing L.F to come and meet with him at the hotel for reconciliation. Consuelo agreed to run the errand on one condition, that is, L.A would never mention about inheritance to L.F, when she comes for the reconciliation. He agreed. Consuelo then put in a call through to L.F. When L.F picked it, and listened to the story of Consuelo, she was not too enthusiastic with these two cunning partners, so she turned down their invitation.

While Marissa and Pedro were enjoying their drinks at the bar, Suzanna appeared with hot jealousy written all over her face.

Alone with each other, Carlos opted to prepare dinner for L.F and Pedrito, he went to the kitchen and they had a nice memorable encounter, mixed with their undying love for each other. They sang love songs again for each other.

On the other hand Jenny and Alfredo were going through emotional turmoil. Alfredo was so depressed that L.F's purpose for marrying him had further been demoted from that of gratitude to that of pity. He knew that such a marriage would be miserable. His friend, Daniel tried to console him.

Jenny waited in vain in the new apartment for Carlos return. Sh had prepared a romantic trap for him to get her on bed and sleep with her that night. Desperately, she phoned Marissa to ask after Carlos' whereabouts. Marissa innocently told her that she and Pedro left Carlos and L.F together at Pedro's house, as at the last time she saw him. Jenny was wild with rage and jealousy, that these two lovers were back in each others arms.

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