Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Raising The Gardener's Banner Loftily on Cyberspace

I have always acknowledged Kola as a walking Encyclopedia of Telenovelas. This enigmatic gardener turned up again on my blog this morning and humbled me with his commentary. I am proud to be classified by him as one of those that pushes the positive frontiers of cyberspace with the glorious flag of Nigeria (and indeed, Africa), for a redemptive image for our dear motherland.

5 Dec 06, 04:31
Kola: Philo, your work is great. Your snippets are accurate, and even more detailed than the original summaries written in Spanish by the producers themselves. It gives a detailed picture of the entire

5 Dec 06, 04:31
Kola: It gives a detailed picture of the entire story even without watching it.

5 Dec 06, 04:42
Kola: Philo, Give me your mailing address, so I can send you a copy of one of the episodes of the gardener’s daughter on DVD

5 Dec 06, 04:43
Kola: It is a digital mirror of gardener’s daughter directly from the satellite. It is a way of saying thank you for putting Nigeria on the map of the world in a positive way.

5 Dec 06, 04:44
Kola: to make positive contributions. You know that when it comes to the internet, the average foreigner runs away when he hears the name Nigeria, but in this case your site is helping to change everything

Kola: Merry Xmas and a Prosperous New Year in Advance

My Reply:
Kola, I am exceedingly grateful to you for being an exceptional asset to our 'Garden' here. Thanks for also carrying the lofty banner of Nigeria on the cyberspace. My prayers are Nigeria 's name, would very soon be wiped off the blacklist of internet scammers, by the multiplied efforts of good people like you and many other 'gardeners' and righteous surfers.

On the SNIPPETS, what I did was to release my fertile imagination to join the scattered pieces and bad English interpretations into a smooth, comprehensible and intelligible flow. I had assumed that I should be 65% accurate. But I was humbled when you said in your comment that the snippets were more detailed and accurate. It's a great honor for any writer when his or her work is been commended. I appreciate your compliments. I would send you a mail later in the day on your request, thanks for the Xmas gift. Coming just as we mark our first 100 days of the Gardener's Daughter Blog is strategic and commendable, Thanks again.

I have two novelatainments in the pipeline with my publishers, but with the clamour by many Gardeners on this blog, I may have to reconsider talking with my publishers to convert one of them into episodic posts of either summaries or snippets.

Finally, let me thank you for also giving us, (as it is usual with you), Marissa's website (Actress, Kenya Gascon), today. It's a good resource for many gardeners.

Keep the noble and humble 'gardener's flag' flying...

Happy Yuletide!

Philomena Ojikutu


Anonymous said...

I just want to react to your humility and Kola's slight exaggeration. You are really doing a good job. Perhaps what Kola was comparing the snippets with were the summaries in badly translates Spanish. In your sbnippets, I would say you beat your on target' I would rate them 75% in details now. At the beggining the episodes were mixed up and the snippets were really confusing. Congratulations, and don't mind an old man still playing the teacher!

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Prof, Thanks,

I am enormously indebted to you too. Your witty and articulate contributions in the garden here, is one of the things that magnetised an enamoured audience.

Thanks sir, you are a gem. I love your intellectual passion for this telenovela.

Keep gardening...

Olive said...

Philomena, I really want to appreciate u so much for taking this time to keep us updated. I'll rate u as excellently good cos when i went to the website, i got so confused that i never visited that site again but from that confusion, u've brot us dis delight.

Thank you so much once again. I sxaw another telenovella on this ur blog-Love without condition. Is it possible for the snippets to be given to us "Lovers to be"???!!! Merry Xmas and a happy new year in advance while we keep gardening.

Anonymous said...

Dear Philo,

Thanks so much for your accurate and advance snippets. They are far more better than "When You are Mine" translation. Aslo thanks for the good news about Paloma and Diego.

Keep it up.

Ify - Abuja

Anonymous said...

hi phil
u are doing a great job for us please keep it up.i just want to fine out if [esmalda & love without condition] is the same telenova,becouse i cant get the first episode of [love with condition.]

Philomena Ojikutu said...

LWC is different from Esmeralda. If you want to flow with each of the novela, just click their names under the CATEGORIES...

Anonymous said...

You forgot Andrew Jackson’s Big Block of Cheese with nary a macaroni in sight.