Sunday, December 10, 2006

To The Finishing Line

Every race gets to the climax, just as you approach the finishing line, hoping to be the first to breast the tape. This new week, we would have to complete our Snippets. Two reasons necessitated this, first is that my work load has increased, by reason of the impending introduction of Esmeralda telenovela, which AIT may be launching in the next several days to come. Secondly, my Novela publisher has given me the green light to post snippets of all the Episodes from Goodbye, Vanessa, which is still at the press.

We just have about 40 something episodes more to go. At the herculean rate of 10 snippets per day. I could get it done by Thursday. God help me! But let me first warn you about Esmeralda. It is older than Cuando Seas Mia (2001), It is about 9 years old, but the fun and thrill in it would just be as fresh as if it was produced yesterday. The lessons are powerful, just like la Hija del Jardinero and Cuando seas Mia before it.


caleb said...

Philo, I am one of the reader of this telonovela, but have never say anything, this is my own turn to coment, infact, u are a mother who knows the emotional love people have on love movies, I want to thank u 4 making ur efort to make an impact in the heart of many.
I want 2 plead for one thing, please make this movies available on the nigerian market so that those who does not have access to internate and other medias may get them, at list at the end of each programm. thanks happy xmas & new year.

Anonymous said...

Aunty philo,
i so much appreciate your effort by giving us information about the telenovela. it takes one with natural intelligent and gift of interpretation to do such awesome job. may the good god give you more wisdom like king solomon to do more in future.
please is there anyway you can provide some of these telenoval tapes for us especially when you are mine . ALL these tele has made me as a spinster to right my wrongs in relationships. i need it please.

Olive said...

Phil, what more can i say? You are simply great! Wow, so gardeners are going to be ahead of others in ESMERALDA and VANESSA. Sorry to take u back a bit, what about LOVE WITHOUT CONDITION? I thot u wanted to work on it. Whatever Phil, if i cant support u financially cos i know maintaining a blog aint "moin-moin", i'll uphold u in prayers. Just dat i haven't ever gotten a response on my comments so i wonder if u get them. Kindly let me know if LWC will still come and if these soaps can be gotten on VCD. AIT came up with that idea when Cuando Seas Mia was being aired but thata was it. Do u have such plans?

Thx once again and may God strenghten u.
Bless ur heart.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Phil. Thanks for the snippets. I was dreading being out of the country for a whole month without being able to garden, but you have tidied up lose ends for me. I quite appreciate. Here's wishing you and yours a very lovely Christmas and all the best in the coming year. Keep up the good work.

Rosaline said...

Phil do take a break...u need one! you super- woman you...[smiles]

Anonymous said...

Hi! miss Philo,
Av really been enjoying your postings of daily episodes of the gardeners daughter to my mail box. It keeps me informed and up to date with the soap. Av been in the US for over a month now, and I really enjoyed the soap opera.So I was quite happy to find out that I could still get daily episodes from you. Though I left at the early stages of it,I can see that it has gotten quite interesting, although some of the names seems kinda strange to me am still catching up.
Thank you very much, you're really doing a good job with your postings cuz I really love south american soaps but cant watch them here anymore. I hope you have success meeting the dead line for your publishers and I do wish I could watch some of the episodes online.
Anyhu thankyou and all the best.