Monday, December 11, 2006

Snippets 143

Jennifer turned the fire of her consuming jealousy on Xochil, when she found out that Guillermo was already parading her as an apprentice model, to be trained in her absence. Jenny felt threatened that Guillermo may fall in love with Xochil. She insulted and humiliated her accusing her of being too forward. Jenny wanted to eat her cake and still have it. With one breath, she claimed she didn't love Guillermo but Carlos; in another breath, she doesn't want any lady to come near Guillermo.

Guillermo was not happy with Jenny's aggression against Xochil and he complained against her attitude.

Consuelo went to visit Don at the hospital, she pretended that she was worried sympathetic with her father's condition, she accused Rigo for triggering her father's deterioration of health, because Rigo decided to reveal the painful past, about Amelia and granddaughter, to the old man. Vanessa defended Rigo, and accused Consuelo of greediness, and being the one who causes untold sorrow to the old man, because of his fortune that she wanted to hijack. That was too much a blow for Consuelo. She turned back and... GBOSA!!! A blinding slap on Vanessa's face.

Consuelo told Carlos that she could no have her father discharged to come back home. She told Carlos to transfer the old man into a mental asylum. Rigoberto began to argue with her, saying that she was a wicked child who wanted to kill her father before his actual death. Don pretended to remain in coma, but heard all the evil plans of Consuelo for him and how Rigo was defending him. He felt very bad and disappointed with Consuelo, but kept his cool.

Salvador began to act out his name, even at his tender age. His name means Savior. He could not bear the anguish of Pedro at home, so, he took along his escapee friend Teresa, from the social welfare home. They went to visit Marissa. She was pleased to see them. After seating them down, Salvador accused Marissa of sending his 'father', Pedro, back into the pit of depression and anguish because she broke up with him. Marissa was moved with compassion by the expression of the two children.

Alfredo recovered and began work again at the mental hospital he was happy because he thought L.F would come back to him when she discovers that he could walk and has resumed his work.

Pedro ego rose above his rejection by Marissa. When Pancho told him to go and visit Marissa to beg her once more, he objected, saying he cannot beg any woman for love. His mistake with Amelia was the last, he won't make a goddess out of any woman again.

Ordo'├▒ez advised Carlos to desist with Caesar from breaking into L.A's new office, because it could spoil their case against L.A if and when they are caught. Lupe also advised her son, Caesar not to take the risk of counter robbery by breaking into Reuben's office to retrieve the Bank's documents that was stolen by L.A and his gang.

When Caesar refused to hid her advise, she called and warned Carlos not to involve her son in their planned burglary of L.A's office.

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Emmanuel Olofin said...

I am glad to know that Don is, at last, getting to know how evil his surviving daughter is. I do hope he bounces back and take the fight to Consuello's court. And it seems that Jennifer de la Tigress is running out of ideas. I hope she doesn't fall victim of the wise saying of our fathers "He who runs after two bush rats at the same time will lose both".