Saturday, December 09, 2006

Snippets 142

It's time for Jenny and L.A to lick their wounds. He accused her of exposing him to Marissa with the revelation of L.F being his daughter. Jenny assured him that it was not an ill-motivated revelation, because Marissa had already broke her relationship with Pedro She advised him to close in on Marissa, per chance, he could win back her love. Carlos pleaded on behalf of Pedro that Marissa should forgive him, but Marissa said NEVER!

Pedro too had a gashing emotional wound begging for mollification. He sent Pancho to go and beg Marissa on his behalf. His sorrow was multiplied when L.F returned to tell him that Marissa had sworn to have nothing to do with him forever. He wept bitterly for his sin of concealing the truth from Marissa. This hypocrite Pedro refused to learn from this tragedy, because he is still concealing the from L.F that she was the heiress and biological granddaughter of Don Fernando Alcantara.

Consuelo would not rest, her new strategy was to drive Don to the pit of sorrow and depression so that the old man either commits suicide, or would run mad, and is thereby consigned to a mental asylum once again, so that she can inherit his fortune by default.

She distorted the gory picture of Amelia's death to Don by lying that Don's granddaughter, also died in that tragic accident. When Pedro also came to protest to her for lying to the old man that Amelia and him were sent packing from the house because they allegedly stole Don's money. Cosuela denied by telling Pedro that Don was sick and was only hallucinating, because she never told Don that Pedro and Amelia stole anything from Don.

Don fainted again and was rushed by Vanessa and Rigoberto to the hospital. Consuelo seems to be winning... She was happy that Don has gone back to where she always wanted him:- OUT OF CIRCULATION!!! Carlos examined Don and reassured Vanessa and Rigo that it was just an emotional trauma that Don is suffering from, and that he would soon recover fully from that state.

Clarita became afraid of the enormous risk that Caesar was taking for Carlos. She went to plead with Ordo'├▒ez to advise Caesar not to break into L.A's office to remove the stolen documents of the bank. She expressed her fear that it may lead to the imprisonment of Caesar if caught.

Xochil brokered an explosive meeting between Alfredo and L.F. Alfredo accused her of unfaithfulness by eating around city restaurants with Carlos Eduardo. She, in turn, told Alfredo to shut up, and not to insult her moral standing. She also accused Alfredo of leaking to Jenny that, she was L.A's biological daughter, which propelled Jenny to reveal it to Marissa, and which eventually caused the break up between Marissa and Pedro.

Carolina felt threatened by Jenny's aggressive attitude, so she warned Armando to desist from interacting with L.F so that they could win back the favor of Jenny.

L.F went to visit Don at the hospital and spoke for quite a while with the old man in his unconscious state. Carlos marveled at her faith and thought silently about the magnetic attraction between L.F and Don, even though, both did not know yet that they were blood relatives.

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