Thursday, January 11, 2007

The 'Baddest' Guy on Telenovela

Coming soon! - we all know him, so it seems. The meanest and 'baddest' guy in "Todo sobre Camila" 'All About Camila'- 39 year old Peruvian, Bernie Paz, alias Eduardo Bonfil makes my hairs on my neck to stand straight, anytime he spins his traditional wickedness.

The table turned against him in yesterday's episode. Camilla survived and escaped his plot to murder her and her infant child in the prison, when his agents caused a prison riot and started a fire that killed 18 innocent souls in the prison.

Let me keep my fingers on my chest awaiting the outcome of research into this 110 episode telenovela. As soon as it lands in our hands, I would let you know and it shall be one of our 20 best for this year.

Later today, you can check for 10 episodes each La Heredera 'The Heiress' and Amor sin Condiciones 'Love Without Conditions(LWC).


Anonymous said...

pls how soon will you start posting snippets on "ALL ABOUT CAMILLA".i really want to read it.
thank you ma

Anonymous said...

hello i also am eager to know when u shall narrate the whole episodes of camila. I was so glad when i stumbled upon the gardener's daughter, wen i was actually looking for camila. I think camila has more originality than gardener's daughter. It's more mature and has an interesting storyline. Gardener's daughter childish.
The top telenova is When u are mine(cuando seas mia). That telenova was the best soap, ive seen so far on T.V, everyone was addicted to it like one wud be on coke. It was necessary like the very air we breath. Paloma and diego's love was heartwrenching,consuming,irresistable, and could be felt, unlike the ones i have seen so far. It beats passions, or any U.S soap ive seen so far, or wat do u guys think?

U guys are going great with the summaries, that's why i await all about camila's snippets.