Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thumbs Up For the Maids! Episode 93

The battles of destiny is reaching fever pitch and are being fought in the dirty trenches now. Yesterday's epic battle of the Gardener's Daughter episode 93 found in Snippet 93 was the toast and icing on the cake of the maids, Clarita and Nana Rosario who plotted and succeeded in aborting the 'arrangee' marriage of Carlos to Jennifer de la Liar.'

All is fair in warfare, so goes a popular saying, these two righteous maids deployed dirty tricks of cunning lies, in order to abruptly terminate the grand shame called wedding, between CE and Jenny.

If I call Marissa the biggest fool of this la hija del jardinero novela it is not too much. She and Pedro Perez were good persons but thanks to their follies, this novela was prolonged, causing aches and pains that neither phensic nor panadol or any emotional aspirin could cure.

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Anonymous said...

when things don't go the normal way i console myself with "anyway na film" thats why marissa's attitude does not pain too much. otherwise the normal trend would have been to insist that Carlos Edwuardo marries L.F. That is the noble thing to do but like i said, "Na film"