Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Episode 92: Ab'Eleja Yan

Yesterday's episode of the gardener's daughter found in Snippet 92 is typical of what the Yorubas call Abelejayan, meaning a zealous person who goes into roasting a fish without the owner's consent and who at the end of all his labours was not rewarded nor acknowledged.

This is the exact and inglorious role of lover boy, Dr. Alfredo Anzola. Seeing Luisa Fernanda and Carlos Eduardo kissing yesternite, completely negates the fantasy of Alfredo, that he had a fiancee in L.F, who would soon marry him. Carlos "claimed" L.F saying: " ... You Are Mine". That was the conclusive proof that Alfredo is not the owner of the fish he has been roasting for the past two years. Alfredo had "fathered" little Pedro and yet, was not acknowledged nor appreciated by the true father- Carlos Eduardo.

de la Vega also belong to this class. She abandoned her career and profession for over two years to travel to Baltimore to 'roast' the Carlos 'fish' that does not belong to her, it was amusement for me to see that 'big fish' slipping through her greedy fingers, as Carlos and L.F exposed her tricks.

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