Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snippets 92

Carlos Eduardo confronted L.F and asked her why she hid the identity and truth of his son from him. Pedro was angry that Carlos stormed his house, he wanted to retaliate by sending Carlos out of his house, just as Carlos did to him, the last time he(Pedro) visited Marissa. Pedro also accused Joaquina of postponing the wedding of L.F and Alfredo in order to give Carlos Eduardo an opportunity to reconcile and marry L.F Joaquina denied his accusation.

Carlos also confronted Alfredo, he accused him of planning to hijack his son by making attempt to adopt him and even change his name to bear Alfredo's surname. He called him a coward. Alfredo justified his reason for his actions. When the argument became very hot between them, L.F was upset and angry, she sided with Carlos against Alfredo. So, Alfredo was angry and left for his own house. When he got home, he told Xóchil how Carlos humiliated him and L.F sided with Carlos. She reminded him that she had warned him that his marriage to L.F would not work. Alfrdo accused Xochil of being against his love for L.F She broke down and wept.

After Alfredo left, L.F apologize to Carlos for the secrecy over Pedrito's paternity. He closed in on her and kissed her. When she protested the kiss, Carlos swore to her that she is the only one his heart is capable of loving. he begged her to marry him, but L.F said he should justify his living with Jenny for two years now. She left him and walked away. Pedro asked her what Carlos came for. She confessed to him that Carlos wanted to marry her. Pedro objected to it, but L.F told him that she was still in love with Carlos.

Jenny also went to confront L.F warning her that she should steer clear of her fiancee Carlos Eduardo. When she went to convince Carlos to let them proceed with their wedding arrangements, Carlos told her to forget it because that was no wedding but a trap set for him by her and his mom.

Because of the tension build-up between Carlos and L.A, which makes it uneasy for L.A. to return to Marissa's house, Jenny and Marissa arranged for him to live in Jenny's house, which is vacant for now. Marissa warned Caesar not to tell Carlos where that L.A is now living in Jenny's house. Jennifer pleaded with Marissa to lie to Carlos that Pedrito is not his son and also that he should go ahead and marry Jenny.

Pressure was mounted on Armando by Jenny, Carol and Marissa, so that he could withdraw his charges of attempted assassination against Carlos. He refused to 'play ball'. So Marissa told L.A to advise his son to withdraw his charges against Carlos. L.A gave Marissa deceptive assurance that Armando would withdraw the charges. On the contrary he told Amando privily never to withdraw the charges. He gave him a huge some of money to bribe the judge, so that Carlos would be imprisoned.

Solozarno and Armando paid the robbers and gave them direction to Lupe's house where Ordonez kept all the bank documents that implicated L.A in shady deals. The stormed the house and held Caesar and Lupe hostage while they carted away all the boxes containing the incriminating documents. They tied up and gaged both Lupe and Caesar.

Leopoldo protested to the two hired assassins because L.A survived the rain of bullets. Consuela asked Vanessa what was the outcome of their visit to L.F's house. She told her the details.

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thanks for making us read as if we are watching it live. but i will like u to give us a up front review of the story.