Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm Through With You!

Thursday's conflict in the gardener's daughter telemovie soap opera, found in Snippet 99/100A was an anticlimax. Carlos accused the two trusted and closest women in his life, his mother Marissa, and his obsessed fiancee, Jennifer de la Vega, of betraying his trust by conspiring with his mortal enemy, L.A. He declared to Jenny: " ... I can't live side by side with a woman I can't trust ..." Then the BOMB! " ... I am through with you!".

He headed straight for L.F's house at that odd hour of the night, and when L.F, with her own mountain of problems saw him and expressed surprise at the midnight visit. He stammered a weak statement saying: " ... I wanted to ... I want you to know that I've broken up with Jennifer". Wait until Friday to know the response of L.F to this news.

If you are too impatient for that, then go to Snippet 99/100A after reading that, scroll to the bottom and you would see links to "Older Post" on the right and "Newer Post" on the left . Click the "Newer Post" and it would take you to the next episode, and so on and on, till the grand finale of the full story.

But I must warn that those snippets are approximate interpretation (may be 65% accurate) from the Spanish language to English. This is because content would naturally be lost or adulterated when translating from one language to the other. Your best bet is, if you watch it on TV.

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