Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snippets 99/100A

We missed part of snippets 99, but not much was missed. We'd try
to fill the where possible, we would however refill the gap after watching th episode 99, meanwhile, the flow is still alright.
Carlos must have come back home to tell his mom that L.A was colluding with and living in Jenny's house with the stolen Bank's documents. He must have decided to break engagement with Jenny for lying to him and colluding with L.A. his worst enemy,

... Marissa must have taken responsibility for L.A's accommodation in Jenny's house, but must have been surprised herself, with the allegation of stolen documents, being hidden by L.A in Jenny's house.

The judge must have ruled that Salvador be taken to a social welfare home, pending the time his real parents show up. This must have upset L.F.

Armando must have been depressed by the news that his Dad, L.A has lost confidence in him, he might have quarrel with Carol for going to confront L.A with the secrets he shared with her.

...Snippet 99 continued...

Marissa was wroth with L.A concerning the news that the stolen bank's documents being in his custody. He denied it and accused Carlos of fabricating that 'lie' in order to separate him and her.

Armando was drunk silly, due to his depression on the authority that slipped through his fingers to Solozarno, due to Carol's indiscretion tongue. He had Lucero waiting to console him, and he took her to a motel where he slept with her, all night. When he came home the next day, Carol was furious with Armando because, she suspected he had slept with another woman. She said his body was smelling of a strange woman's perfume.

Carlos was asked by L.F to leave her alone when he visited her, reason: she was upset by the state 'acquisition' of Salvador from Pedro's custody. He was concerned by her attitude as he took his leave. Alfredo came to pick her and they both succeeded in getting Pedro bailed, after securing his release with his house and business assets as surety. When Pedro got home and found that Salvador has been 'confiscated' on the order of the judge by the social welfare department, he was so furious that he proceeded to Social welfare home where the homeless, motherless and fatherless youngsters are kept. The staff there refused to grant him permission to 'retrieve' or even see Salvador.

When Carlos returned home, he found Jenny weeping. Nana Rosario and Jenny had quarreled again. She had threatened Rosario with sack for not supporting her in the battle for Carlos love. Rosario had assured her that she (Jennifer) would be the one to be sent packing, because Carlos does not love her. Marissa joined the fray by accusing Carlos of mistreating Jenny. Jenny took advantage of the confusion to threatened that she would leave the house because of being victimised by Carlos and Rosario.

Next day is next court adjournment, L.A got Solozarno ready as his most trusted witness to sink Carlos Eduardo in the legal battle. At the court, Don Fernando appeared in court, to show his solidarity with his favorite boy, Carlos Eduardo. When Marissa was called to the witness box, she admitted under cross-examination, that she once heard Carlos threatening to kill her husband, L.A, in an atmosphere of a very hot argument between the two.


Anonymous said...

Marrisa is the dumbest person in this novela.Wonder how she manages as the president of a bank,she is lucky that she is not in Nigeria she would have lost all the assets of her bank to '419's.

Anonymous said...

merrisa is so dumb that she could even say in court that she could say that she heard carlos eduard saying that he would kill louisa laihandro. how dumb and stupid is that

Anonymous said...

marissa is not blind nor dumb but weak when it comes to L.A becos haven lived with her for 18 or so yrs he knows how to manipulate her and she must fall for him using his dubious law speeches in mockery. only one who is not close to him in any way can see who he realy is e.g C.E,ordonez,e.t.c

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Marissa's prayers should be 'I know my enemies,god save me from my 'lover-like enemies'.

the lesson there is that we should be more studious and not careless withg our 'friends'.

yahaya said...

thank u Mrs.Ojikutu for keeping us up to date on the TGD telenovela.

more grease to ur elbow