Friday, January 26, 2007

No Ball, No Game!

The harvest season has now come for Luis Alejandro. Snippet 104 showed us that Leopoldo prefers to rather rot in prison than take the filthy lucre offered him by L.A to change and pervert his testimony in court. Leopoldo would not play game with him, he would rather puncture the 'ball' in court to terminate the strings of financial but unethical victories of L.A. over the last two decades.

On the same day, L.A suffered a catastrophic blow from Marissa as he was disgraced out of the bank's headquarters. his position as President of the bank was lost and never to be recovered. His 'matrimonial cow' where he had milked fatness for over 20 years stopped giving him 'milk' and never to regain that cow back.

His cunning game is heading for the rocks, as Marissa refused to reverse her decisions, she told him not to hurry but have patience, and give her some time to emotionally recover from her disappointment and clear her doubts.

Another drama happed in Alfredo's apartment when he was drinking himself to a sorrowful stupor because he found out that L.F did not love him but lied to him. He told Xochil that he was "... the biggest looser". He lamented on how his marriage to L.F would be sorrowful and loveless, because L.F did not love him.

For the first time in court, Pedro discovered that his well kept secret of L.F's paternity was already known by her. She testified in court that Pedro equals Father, for her, even though she did not know who her real biological father was, but Pedro effectively filled that void and that was what Pedro intended doing for Salvador too.

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