Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snippets 104

Armando visited Marissa's house. He came to apologize and asked for forgiveness, both of Carlos for testifying falsely against him in court and of Marissa, for refusing to withdraw his charges against Carlos, when Marissa asked him to.

After Carlos pleaded his case for their love and matrimonial re-union, L.F accused him of being ungrateful to Jenny who stood by him throughout his mother's travail with muscular dystrophy, for two years in Baltimore. She begged him not to disappoint Jenny after all her 'sacrifice' for him.

L.A sent Solozarno to the prison to negotiate with Leopoldo offering him a large sum in millions Dollars, if he could withdraw his statement and accuse Carlos Eduardo of being the one that paid the hired assassins to kill him.

When Leopoldo refused the dirty offer from L.A through Solozarno for his silence, L.A changed gear, by contracting Solozarno to find someone within the prison walls who could murder Leopoldo for a chunky amount, before the next adjournment date.

Marissa was distressed with doubts about the innocence of L.A. as advocated and persuaded by lying Jennifer. So she begged Jennifer de la Schemer to help fish out Andreina to confirm the truth of Leopoldo's allegations.

Don Fernando Alcantara expressed a fresh need to write a new Will. Consuelo was afraid when she heard the old man wanted to change his will. The old man doubted the authenticity of a will that left all his fortune to Consuela alone to the exclusion of Rigo and Vanessa. So, he called Mujica, impressed him greatly during the trial of Carlos, to come around for instructions concerning a new will. Consuela became desperate and mortally afraid that Don would soon regain his full memory at the rate he was going, and that he would soon remember that he had a grand daughter.

Through gullible but innocent Vanessa, Consuelo got to know that Pedro is almost naked because he had mortgaged his house and business assets to bail himself from the pending case of kidnap/adoption of Salvador saga. Consuelo hurriedly and discretely employed a lawyer and estate agent to buy up Pedro's mortgage from the bank. Her purpose was to strip L.F naked of a roof over her head and make her life unbearable.

While the judge was considering denying Pedro the custody of Salvador, Luisa Fernanda gave testimony of how Pedro was a loving father that cared for Salvador, the judge was moved by her honest witness. Salvador and his Teresita were arrested and brought to court. During the trial, Salvador told the court the history of child-abuse, maltreatment and exploitation by his stepfather, and the sharp contrasts he enjoyed from Pedro's fatherly care and love. He declared that if he had any father, Pedro Perez, was his father.

Pedro also revealed to the judge how the stepfather of Salvador demanded a huge sum from him in exchange for Salvador's custody. After this fact, the judge was moved, to promise that he would give the custody of Salvador to Pedro after completion of formal adoption papers.

L.A resurfaced in the Bank's head office and Carlos confronted him to get out, because Marissa had revoked his power of attorney to act as the president. He also told him that divorce proceedings of Marissa had resumed against him. L.A, on hearing this ran to Marissa weeping crocodile tears, and telling her that he was victim of jealous conspiracy by the enemies of their re-union. He begged her not to throw him unto the streets again. She asked him to give her time to think over his appeal for mercy. When Carlos came home Marissa told Carlos what L.A came to do. He told his mother not to listen to him, and also assured her that he would uncover all the fraudulent deals of L.A when he was bank's President in a matter of time.

Jenny came to plead with Carlos again to restore their love relationship. With her traditional crocodile tears, she evoked sympathy and embraced Carlos, before he knew what came over him, she had closed her serpentine lips on him is fervent and passionate kiss. She told him that she could not live without him.

Carlos told her to give him time to clear all the problems created in his family and time to also reflect over her pleas, he assured her that he would send for her when he is ready to resume talks with her.

Back home, the Pedro family was happy and was expecting the release of Salvador for adoption. They were eagerly waiting for his arrival when a knock came on the door. Alas! it was Consuelo's lawyer who came in and told them that the property has been acquired by a new owner. He served them notice to quit the property immediately as requested by the faceless and undisclosed new owner.


Anonymous said...

i simply love this soap but the likes of jennifer makes me want to commit some serious neck wringlings at times.

i cant wait to see the end

Anonymous said...

dear mrs ojikutu, i really like your way with words especially the way you describe jennifer as having serpentine lips. you really know the adjectives or phrases to use.