Thursday, January 25, 2007

20 Years of Lies!

The pathetic side of the Gardener's Daughter soap opera was shown tonite when "Mrs Foollish"- Marissa Gomez, that's what I called her. Realized that she had been living in a fool's paradise, for the past 20 years with a con-artist called, her husband- Luis Alejandro Montero. The rest of the story can be found in Snippet 102/103 and also the spillover in Snippet 103.

She took three drastic steps to prevent her bank from sinking with a drowning Luis Alejandro:

1. She ordered the image of the bank to be sanitized through a public statement in the mass media, dissociating the bank's finances from the legal and personal problems of Luis Alejandro. This she believed would make the public and customers to trust that their funds were being managed well.

2. She revoked the power of attorney that gave L.A 50% of her shares and therefore, this automatically removed L.A from the board of directors and also from his Olympian heights, as President of the bank.

3. She sought immediate divorce from the 20-year delusion called marriage to Luis Alejandro Montero.

This was only part of the story because she never broke ties or friendship with Jennifer, the other cunning serpent in her life. This cost her dearly towards the end of this telenovela. So, if you want to celebrate that Marissa was 'cured' of her 'deafness and blindness', it was a partial cure, postpone your partying, as she still remained partially deaf and blind. Jennifer was able to effectively smuggle herself 'partially' back into Carlos Eduardo's life due to this emotional leakage of Marissa Gomez.

The other significant event that was not captured in the snippets was the two apprentices in the school of lies: Alfredo Anzola and Luisa Fernanda. L.F had never missed the court trial of Carlos Eduardo. Alfredo later suspected it, but L.F lied to him that she had been so busy, in the last two days shopping to buy new wedding gown with Vanessa. He knew that she was lying but also chose to 'believe' the lies.

He also overheard her telling Victor that she was indebted to marry Alfredo, though she was obviously still in love with Carlos. this cast a shadow of sorrow on Alfredo but could not challenge that statement of L.F. He choose to swallow the agony of this inconvenient but obsessed relationship.

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