Saturday, January 13, 2007

Prisoners of Love

The scenario painted by TGD episode 95 which can be found partly in Snippet 95/96A. Carlos and L.F remain prisoners of love, locked up by their scheming emotional prison warders- Jennifer de la Vega and Alfredo Anzola.

Alfredo too was alarmed and paranoid to learn that L.F visited Carlos for the second time in prison. He demanded immediate marriage with L.F and persuaded a reluctant L.F. to fix the meeting for the next day.

She conceded to his request. Joaquina noticed that L.F was in sorrow because of that decision but she denied, saying she was happy. She wept sorrowfully after Joaquina left.

Carol heard the most shocking story of her life when, her fiance Armando, confessed to her that he was on the verge of being imprisoned, because of the many shady and fraudulent deals L.A inspired him to execute while he was the bank's president. He told her that, neither him nor his father would escape been jailed if the truth contained in those bank documents were found out.

Don Fernando Alcantara, now with gradual recovery of his memory, began to ask Vanessa who the mother of Luicito was. Vanessa told Don the story of how L.F and her mother had a tragic auto accident which killed the mother. Just as she was about to mention Amelia's name, Consuela deliberately interrupted the flow, and announced that there was a great fight between Roberto Sotomayor, her husband and Vanessa's fiance, Orlando, at the steel factory, that needed Vanessa to escort her there.

Detective Solozarno visited his boss, L.A, to let him know that Carlos had just been released from prison.

Carlos was released from prison and Jennifer declared to Rosario and Clarita whom she had earlier accused of conspiring to abort her wedding, that her first priority after Carlos was released would be to finish the uncompleted weedding that was aborted by them.

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