Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snippets 93

Now that the truth has been revealed, L.F knew from Carlos' account that Jenny sprung a scheme to keep her apart from Carlos, by hiding the fact that she (Jenny), knew about L.F's imprisonment. L.F regretted jumping into courtship with Alfredo, based on the wrong assumption that Carlos Eduardo did not love her and had gone romping to Baltimore with Jenny.

Carlos confronted Jenny with her pretentious lies and emotional trap, which she sprung to keep him apart from L.F. He accused her of answering L.F's phone-call and pretended that she, Jenny, was living with him in his hotel room when it was not yet so. Jenny lied by denying that she never received any phone-call from L.F. (when she called Carlos from prison cell, in her hour of desperate need). She morally blackmailed him into going ahead with his matrimonial commitment to her and the planned wedding, in spite of the fact that Pedrito is now confirmed as Carlos' son.

Nana Rosario was downcast that Carlos, in spite of the truth, was bent on plunging headlong with jenny into a compromise relationship and unhappy marriage. She planned with her goddaughter, Clarita, to abort the wedding.

On the wedding day, just before they were joined together, Clarita went to bring L.F with Pedrito on the pretext of visiting nana Rosario, to bless Pedrito, (being her first time of meeting the little boy). Clarita did not tell L.F that it was Carlos' wedding day with Jeniffer.

When L.F appeared suddenly at the historic point of joining the couple, with Carlos' son in her hands, the whole place was frozen with shock. L.F too was shocked, to see the wedding about to be consummated. All eyes were on her, and on Carlos. She ran back, with disappointment written all over her face.

Carlos could not bear to see the pain and disappointment written all over L.F's face as she ran out of the ceremony's venue. He stood up and desperately ran after her. The wedding ceremony of Jennifer to Carlos Eduardo was thereby effectively aborted that day. All hell broke loose!

Ordonez and others present, tried to call him back but he ignored all and went out in search of L.F and Pedrito.

Because of Carlos' disappearance from the house on the supposed date of his wedding to Jenny. Marissa and Jenny were devastated, and Marissa had a nervous breakdown. It was Alfredo who attended to her medically.


Anonymous said...

I am happy to learn that the arragee marriage with Jenny flopped. I do hope that Pedro would not force his daughter to marry Alfredo. From all indications, I believe it is decent for Alfredo to accept defeat and find someone else to marry. I also hope that Morissa should now know the devil she has been dining, wining and ummmm with. Will the Queen of Sharp Sharp deceit tell her father, everything, including the status of LF? I can hardly wait to know.

Keep up the good job Phil. EAO

Anonymous said...

wel im wondering if louisa knows her real father, she had better find out.

Anonymous said...

I was really happy that I discovered this website, I must say its very nice and I really like the way you arrange everything. Please I would like you to post the snippets of All about Camilla. Thanks and Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

well phil, i won't be wicked to say u are not trying u are actually but dats bcos u dont have work to do. i hate when some1 takes me for a ride and thinks he/she is helping me, u knw u are lying. u lied dat Carlos wld run after LF and MERISSA wld faint and all sort of lies and i almost didnt watch dat day..... pls stop

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Anonymous friend,

don't make a sooth-saying star out of me because I'm not. Postmortem is not needed for snippets.

Snippets are not accounts of Episodes that I have watched. Snippets are the edited version of the 'rough & crude' translation from the Spanish language to English, from the Mexican website.

When I started Snippets, I never promised 70% accuracy, obviously because in the cause of translation and editing, some original content would naturally be lost. (though some 'gardeners' fell it is above 75% accurate).

If anybody is lying, it is you because if you had read from the beginning of snippets, you would have read my warnings that the snippets are just about 65% accurate because none of us have watched the gardener's daughter soap opera, as at the time I was posting the snippets.

That is the reason now why am partially crossing the T's and dotting the I's in "Episode Summaries".