Friday, February 09, 2007

Countdown To AGLOCO Frenzy

As the Agloco software development team gets ready to release the Viewbar in phases, anytime from now, and with 1,380,000 pages of Google search results. That result shows that AGLOCO is more popular than Chad Hurley, the founder of YouTube, who had 1.19 million search results.

The Agloco revolution begins its march to financially empower 10 million internet surfers within the next six months. Last time out in 1999-2000, (that's some 7 to 8 years ago), Agloco forerunner, the All-Advantage dot com, paid out over 120 million Dollars to its 10 million members in 18 months, according to Wikipedia.

Making money from surfing the web with Agloco viewbar would enter a frenzied season immediately the viewbar is released. The You Tube and Microsoft's Bill gate had no option than to join the bandwagon of the Agloco money-making revolution. Those two web giants have announced that they want to follow the Agloco model by sharing part of their advertising revenues with their millions of users. Yes, I am happy too to be part of this epochal money-making revolution ushered in by Agloco.

146 members, and still counting ... , Many of you have trusted and helped to push me up into the top 1.79% of worldwide Agloco members with referrals. Agloco is hitting 200,000 membership after about 80 days, and this is pre-launch of the Viewbar. If you join my Agloco train now, what that means for you, (particularly when you join now, and begin to actively recruit others, and they can trust you to follow you into this money-making venture), is that, by the time the Viewbar is released, later this month, you will practically go to sleep during the competitive frenzy for more referrals because, some of the people that you would have successfully refer now, may be the ones pushing the frontiers for your large team.

Agloco has shaken the established order on the internet. Microsoft and Google's You Tube are working overtime on models similar to AGLOCO, to reward their users. I foresee a unique situation in the next year or two, where the Bill gates of this world would run after us, to buy up the AGLOCO, just like Google Bought up You Tube, some five months ago last October, for $1.65 Billion dollars.

The only difference is that only Chad Hurley and his partner Chen, enjoyed the booty alone, nothing for the millions of video-sharing members of You Tube. In our case, we are founders and owners of Agloco from the beginning. AGLOCO is 100% owned by all her members- you and I. Whatever happens in future to Agloco, we would be partakers, according to how many active people we recruit into the venture.

The only thing which cannot touch us is if Agloco should crash, (that is however remote, for this season of dot com boom), we would not crash with it, since we never put any money on it, it is free.

If you want to know more about AGLOCO, you go right ahead and read my five introductory posts on it, from Agloco formula for making money" written on 24th November, 2006, four days after Agloco was launched. Followed by Agloco Updates..., on 13th December, 2006. Next was Agloco Speaks on 20th December, 2006. There, I showcased the letter written to me by agloco management, commending our efforts so far. The last but not the least was: Wow! I'm Worth $3,300 Dollars, written on 21st January this year, where I calculated the worth of my potential shares in Agolco.

Let me assure you that I would not sell those shares for any money in this world, I would wait until some great investors buy Agloco for some huge sums, then I would go in for my portion of the 'booty' in the profit-share that follows.

What about you, would you care to Join our Agloco trailer now? Go right ahead and Join, Fill this form, if you believe in the reward system.


alex said...

It's very good to hear someone else is supporting AGLOCO. I really like this company idea. Once it is done, it will be a revolution to the internet realm. But still, it would not be accomplished without supporters. No matter how good an idea is, no matter how beneficial it is, without a strong demand from people, it will cease to nothing. Keep on spreading the news friend! ;-)


Well done Philo, your hard work will pay off. I am a member of AGLOCO, but I have not registered anyone since I singed on with them. Thanks for this article, because it has encouraged me to begin my own downline registration drive.
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Agloco said...

I'm looking forward to the release of the toolbar... I think this is a great opportunity!


Agloco said...

Great site.. keep up the good work!


Michael H. Lewis said...

Congrats on the 146 members! Those first hundred or so are the hardest, then it gets easier. I can testify to that.

Good luck with your efforts. You must have well over 200, maybe 500 members now, cause this post is over 5 weeks old! What are you too busy recruiting to post?