Wednesday, December 20, 2006

AGLOCO Speaks!

It is a rare thing to receive a personal letter from AGLOCO. The reason being that this is her peak period. The buzz of registrations may prevent it from responding to personal queries of members in a personal manner.

AGLOCO is hitting the hundred thousand (100,000) membership in less than 4 weeks since it started. Going by internet pundits estimates, using internet valuation metrics, the company would grow from her current estimated value of $4.0 million Dollars to an estimated value of $400 million Dollars by 1st July, 2007 (about 6 months time), when she hits her targeted 10 million membership, through the efforts of you and I, as we continue to recruit more members.

The reason why I fervently believe in this projection is because, they have done it before, some 6 years ago with ALL-Advantage(dot)com. They hit that same target in 18 months between 1999 t0 2000.

Finally let me thank all of you who have registered through my blog with the AGLOCO. You have made our little group of almost 60 people to have a voice that AGLOCO would always listen and personally attend to, any time we call on them through our collective voice on this blog.

If you have not yet join the AGLOCO train, please, jump into the boat now, before the release of the Viewbar in seven weeks time (i.e. early February, 2007). Even my husband, a typical Nigerian 'big man' who doesn't have time for these type of things, have suddenly changed his mind and is jumping here to join us too. I am sure, as a witty investor, he had seen some things that laymen and women like us, may not yet see in the future of AGLOCO. Register her now!

I received this letter (edited and published below) today, thanks to you all, from AGLOCO, Read on and hear from the horse's mouth:

"Dear Philomena,

First - Thank you for becoming an AGLOCO Member during our beta phase.
And second – Thank you for referring new Members to AGLOCO and helping to build the company.

Here is what you, the Membership, have accomplished:

AGLOCO is four weeks old and it has already signed up tens of thousands of Members, created enormous 'buzz' (over 700,000 pages in Google's search results talk about AGLOCO) and established a website more popular than Toyota's or Ford's or Bloomingdales or Kmart's (it took YouTube 8 months to do that). (emphasis mine- Philomena).

In addition to building the AGLOCO network, we have been working on the AGLOCO Viewbar which is now scheduled for release in seven to ten weeks.

You may know that we started a campaign to sign up 10,000,000 Members by July 1st, 2007.

While we know this is an ambitious goal, we also know the power of an Internet based network (several Members already have over a 1000 referrals - See below for examples):

So here is what you as a Member can do right now to help AGLOCO (and help yourself):

Recruit at least 5 more new Members in the next thirty days
- if each new Member does this, we will reach our goal of 10,000,000 Members by May

For every five new referrals you get (direct or extended) doubles your AGLOCO income
- over 90 percent of our Membership joins through a referral email from an existing Member so we have provided a new sample at the end of this update.

Two successful recruiters: (over 6,000 referrals) (over 1,700 referrals)

Two'fun AGLOCO sites' (a Malaysian video in English) (A newbie diary)

Sample referral emaill:

"I am a member of AGLOCO. It has a goal of reaching 10,000,000 Members by July 1st.

Here is why I would like you to consider joining:

1. AGLOCO pays you, as an Internet user, your fair share of the value created while you surf.
2. The AGLOCO's free software puts you in control of what arrives on your screen and what data you allow outsiders to collect.
3. AGLOCO is a 100% Member owned company which rewards the Members who help build the company. It never costs anything to be a Member

AGLOCO is only four weeks old and it has already signed up tens of thousands of Members and has created enormous Internet 'buzz' (over 700,000 pages in Google's search talk about AGLOCO).

AGLOCO is not a 'get rich' quick scheme. Every additional Member raises the value of all the Members, so we all get more if you join

It is free to join and Membership never costs anything. Click here to read more and sign up now.



Anonymous said...

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If you want to do this just go to my blog and in one of the comments just write your blog name and the URL and I will add it to my site.


crystal clear said...

i have joined agloco... thanks to you. i will like to know what else. can ipost this link on my blog at yahoo360?

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Crystal clear,

congrats for your wise decision, I hope before June next year, we would all have a bundle of testimonies from our AGLOCO ventures.

As per your Yahoo 360 pls, go ahead...