Monday, February 12, 2007

Tell Me You Don't Love Me

That was the poser that Carlos Eduardo put before Luisa Fernanda tonite and which she cannot run away from, despite all her energetic defense of her 'commitment' to marry Alfredo. That same poser was what Alfredo strenuously labored for, over three years and failed to achieve. The "Love Me" factor is what made a fundamental difference between Dr. Carlos Eduardo and Dr. Alfredo Anzola. What a lesson for all Valentines in this cupid season. Snippet 114 told us more about this episode.

Two men struggled and fought for the love of this 'angelic' girl called Luisa Fernanda. As their epic battle progressed, it became obvious that their goal was not the same. One was fighting for masculine ego, that has grown into full blown and incurable obsession. The other was a cupid warrior, a veteran of many emotional ambushes and romantic skirmishes.

For the first time in three years, Alfredo, now on his sick bed admitted the truth that he had pretended, did not exist for three years. That truth was and is- " ... Luisa Fernanda does not love me, she wants to marry me out of pity". He told his lawyer friend, Daniel, that he could not continue to live his live on deception. He cannot marry a woman who did not love him.

The problem with Alfredo was that he would soon oscillate away from this principled decision, and hold on to a sublime position of 'marry L.F at all cost and by all means'. Every time he sees the possibility of true love uniting Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernanda, the envious streak of jealousy in him rises to an obsessive boiling point. This makes him behave less manly and irrationally. That is what has led him to his present paralytic state. His 'repentance' tonite would last only as long as he did not set his eyes on L.F and Carlos Eduardo. He is not man enough to admit defeat, in the cupid arena where only true lovers are declared winners by the goddess of Love. Did I hear you say St. Valentine?

Another spectacle in tonight's drama on the Gardener's daughter telenovela, was that of two senior couples. Lic Ordonez and Lupe on the one hand, Pedro Perez and Marissa Gomez on the other. The first couple found themselves in each other's arms, kissing for the first time after several years of being co-workers, without knowing that they had a 'thing' for each other. The latter couple went to a downtown bar to drink and would have been throughly embarrassed by a scandal that was scarcely restrained, when Suzanna, Pedro's secret lover of ten years arrived and 'caught' them.

This time, Pedro, a man of many secrets, confessed to Marissa that he once had a 'relationship' with Suzanna.

The delusion of Jennifer is coming near to an end. With the blossoming love between Marissa and Pedro, the ignition key to rekindle the true love that had always existed between Carlos and Luisa has been found. They had their own Valentine's eve with a home-made dinner prepared by Carlos and was sealed with a magnetic kiss in the presence of their son, little Pedro.

This soap did not end tonite without the side clips of the desperation of Luis Alejandro Montero to reveal himself to L.F and also position himself to play a strategic role in her future inheritance. Consuela the sly was assinged by L.A to clear the coast for him by making the phone call to L.F, appealing to her to attend a meting with her, a meeting that would change her life ... more of this drama and the devastating outcome of that meeting can be gotten at: Snippet 115 and also Snippet 116.

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