Friday, February 16, 2007

No Vacancy!

It was a season of 'no vacancy' yesterday on the gardener's daughter soap opera. It started when Jennifer requested for and got the generous service of a witch to cast spell on Carlos Eduardo. By the time the witch, called Shantal, finished with her spiritual consultation, she declared that Carlos Eduardo does not belong to Jenny but to another lady.

When Jenny angrily challenged the outcome, she told Jenny that IT IS WRITTEN, and cannot be changed. Jennifer de la Vega does not beg people, but she begged Shantal to help her cast spell on Carlos, she was advised by Shantal that destiny cannot be changed, but Jenny should change her acidic and embittered personality, to get a marital breakthrough.

For me this episode was a big lesson of life. Many of the problems we try unsuccessfully to spiritualize at times, were self-inflicted, and not necessarily orchestrated by our real rivals or imaginary enemies. The witch had no spiritual solution to Jenny's self-inflicted problems. All she needed was a change of attitude and outlook and her turn-around breakthrough, that she desperately sought would appear.

It was a 'no vacancy' situation when Marissa, burst on L.A in the secret love-nest, which he rented for his concubine, Andreina, many years ago. He tried with lame excuses to lie to Marissa that he just rented it, to cover up for the fact that he never really gave up that apartment three years ago, when Marissa told him to terminate the rent.

Marissa was in no mood for new lies to cover up the old. She simply told him that it was belated, and her mission was to challenge his refusal to sign divorce papers on the pretext of charges of adultery. She reminded him that he was the real culprit and 'chief adulterer', with his many concubines throughout their 20-year marriage that was full of deceptions and lies.

Many of us have read about this enchantment and disenchantment in Snippet 117.

Still talking about spell and enchantment, last Sunday, I heard a fairy but real tale of how a strange woman cast spell on one Mr.X, who abandoned his fiancee to marry the strange woman. That marriage lasted for some 12 years with three children to show for it. The story got blown open because, Mr. X sought to win a multi-million government contract, and was advised by friends to go to a fiery church for spiritual deliverance, if he must win the contract.

It was his wife that drove him to the church for the 5-day deliverance exercise, on the promise to come to pick him at the end of the program. The man was truly delivered during the program, particularly from the spell cast on him 12 years ago. When his wife returned to pick him 5 days later, everyone was amazed to heard the man accuse the woman of stealing his car.

He recognized that car as his, but swore that he had never met nor known the woman who, insisted that he was her hubby of 12 years. The drama made many people around to follow them to their house to verify the truth.

On getting there, it was found out that the woman was truly his wife. He recognized his three children and the house as his, but was himself shocked to see pictures of the woman he called stranger, and himself hanging in the living room. He burst out weeping, insisting that he never knew the woman. He also served the strange woman notice to quit his house; at that moment the woman broke down and confessed that she had cast a spell on him in order to trap him into the marrying her 12 years ago.

What a tale. It was Jennifer's spell-binding adventures yesterday that brought my memory to this tale. if she had succeeded, she may face a similar situation as the strange woman above, several years later. Thank God, she did not succeed and Shantal did not cooperate with her.


Anonymous said...

i don't know what i would have done yesterday if shantal had co-operated with that neurotic would have been a bad experience for me but thank God she didn't.

does it mean there are still "white witches" who do good with their witchcraft? quite hilarious

Anonymous said...

yeap this is wounderful, No Vacancy for jennifer, thank God for Shantal who declard and knows that Carlos belong to another lady, that tells us that God always intervals in any case if only the hands of the person is pure and holy, when God says yes nobody can say know..looking forward to hear more

zainab umaru said...

opps!i missed the show on friday because i closed late.Anyway,would like to know what transpired between Jenifer,C.Eduardo,L.F.i hope Carlors has a good excuse to dump Miss universe.OOps!Ex-miss universe.