Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Snippets 117

The twists and turns of this telenovela never cease to amaze us. L.F has begun to avoid wedding or marriage discussions with Alfredo. After Alfredo sought and got her forgiveness for hiding the truth of her paternity from her, he asked her if she would still stand by her vows to marry him. She dodged the question, and pretending a continual flow over the paternity issues, by telling Alfredo that she would not recognize L.A as her father, but would continue to adore Pedro as her real father. Alfredo noted her evasion but kept quiet over it.

Marissa got really into troubled waters when L.A refused to sign the divorce papers. She later went to confront L.A over his allegations of adultery. She too accused him of fathering another daughter by another woman outside of their matrimony, (based on the latest info that Carlos fed her with). It was a drama of accusation and counter-accusation between the two. After Marissa left, Carlos called his Mr. Fix It, Solozarno to get and pay false witnesses who would testify in court, that Marissa had long been cheating on him with Pedro for several years before now, and that she was an adulterer.

Carlos later informed Marissa that Pedro had come to formally seek him permission to marry her and he had given him the green light. Carlos has also tactically backed out of moving in with Jenny, because he seem to be more confident that L.F would play ball very soon. Jenny was devastated by this latest rejection, she went to her sister, Carol, for counsel. Carol advised her to follow her to consult with a witch doctor on how to catch Carlos.

When Jenny got to the witch doctor, during consultation, the witch doctor told her that Carlos would never be her husband and he has been destined to marry another woman. Jenny was angry with the prediction of the witch, but that one assured her that it has been written from heaven as part of Carlos Eduardo's Destiny and nobody can change it.

Don Fernando, now sober and sane, suddenly discover that his will did not reflect his desires. He thought L.A did not capture his desire well. He did not know that it was the fabricated will which Consuelo made him to sign in the days of his amnesia. since he saw his signature on it, he thought L.A was the one who did not capture his desires well on the Will. So, he decided to write another will, He told Marissa's lawyer Mujica to write him a new will that would absolutely capture his desires.

Ordonez was in the company of Lupe, they were gisting about how L.A intended to crookedly corner Marissa with false case of adultery. Caesar stumbled on them in relaxed and affectionate posture. Ordonez siezed the opportunity to announced to Caesar that he was in love with Lupe, and would want his endorsement. He gave them express acceptance and even told Ordonez that he has confidence in him, that his mom would be well cared for in their marriage.

Lucero took Armando to L.F's house but they did not meet her at home. L.F had gone to visit Carlos in the hospital. She told him her encounter with L.A and Consuelo who confirmed to her that L.A was father. Carlos warned her not to believe those two crooks, that they might be setting a trap for her. L.F re-assured him that that their claim was true, because Pedro and Joaquina confirmed it. She warned him not to tell Marissa, because it would affect her emotionally. He agreed with her. It was so touching, they embraced each other, again and again, they were naturally relaxed in each other's company. So, they went to the restaurant to eat.

Xochil was monitoringthem and saw how radiant and happy L.F was, in the company of Carlos at the restaurant. Xochil went to tell Alfredo that L.F was deceiving him, because she saw her in a happy mood with Carlos eating at the restaurant. Alfredo told her that he was not surprised, because, when he put the question of marriage to L.F, she was evasive and avoided to answer him.

L.F and C.E later went to her house to see their son, Pedrito. Carlos renewed his desire to buy a new house for his son, L.F was happy and accepted his offer. Jenny who also have been monitoring their movements knocked and entered L.F's house to surprise them.

Consuelo told her husband that L.A has announced to L.A that he was her father. Heriberto was uncomfortable because the noose is getting tighter, and he told her that their manipulative days are numbered.

After Caesar left, as Ordonez and Lupe were about to seal their relationship with a kiss, Reuben, Caesar's father, knocked and entered the house.

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