Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snippets 111

Rigoberto ran to alert the doctors that Don is nodding and moving his body, and that he seems to be coming out of coma. They came to examine him and confirmed that Don has miraculously came back to life.

Alfredo did not know the extent of damage that the accident had done to him, he struggled to stand up and go to fulfill his marriage vows with L.F, but none of the muscle in his legs responded to his ambition, it has not yet dawn on him that he was crippled for now.

It was L.F they were seeking earlier in the day, now it was Alfredo's disappearance that spreads the anxiety fever for them. Where could he be on the day of his wedding? Nobody had an inkling that he had an accident on his way to the church, and was now lying critically injured and paralytic in the emergency ward of an hospital, being prepared for surgery.

Nobody understood that Alfredo, just like Consuelo and Jennifer, was fighting destiny and had suffered a shipwreck, at the nick of beating destiny with a marriage that would have been a disaster, if he had succeeded. On the other hand, L.F was weeping profusely because she regretted leading Alfredo on, to believe that they could be a happy couple inspite of Carlos Eduardo. Pedro was numb with words, he has no solution to the confusion which he has created and encouraged.

As Vanessa prepare to leave for L.F's wedding, she overheard Consuelo meticulously planning how she would make sure Don did not return alive to the house from the hospital.

Guadalupe and Caesar had a mini fight in her house when Caesar learnt that his father had suddenly re-appeared after over two decades of absence. He demanded to know who his father was, but Lupe ordered him to leave her house, because the man he called father, never had any input into his life.

As Pedro and Marissa opted to go in search of missing Alfredo, some men brought the news of his accident to Pedro. L.A arrived at the same time to beg L.F for forgiveness. As usual, she went wild and asked him to get out of her house, but L.A told her that he had come to ask for her forgiveness for one thing. She was surprised and wondered what could have humbled this arrogant man to come to seek her leniency.

Joaquina knew the purpose of L.A's visit and she tried to obstruct him from confessing his paternity to L.F on her wedding day, so that he would not upset the ceremony. Vanessa too knew why L.A was there and she tried to break the news to L.F but her boiling anger against L.A would permit her to even listen to Vanessa's tidings. (I won't call it good tidings because, there is nothing good about the news of discovering that her unknown father of 20 years, that now appears has been her trenchant persecutor and a criminal and murderer).

Carlos opted to carry out the surgery on Alfredo. Jennifer was afraid thinking that Carlos would kill Alfredo, so that he would go back to L.F. ( To the evil person, all things are also evil). She hypocritically 'defended' Alfredo by challenging Carlos for trying to operate on his rival, but Carlos assured her that he wasn't jealous, and his greatest flair in life is to save lives and not kill.

Xochil was weeping profusely before the operation, enviously blaming Luisa Fernanda for the bad luck which she brought to bear on her 'doctor Alfredo', on his wedding day. After the surgery, Carlos came out to inform Xochil that the operation was successful. She was happy.

Carlos tried to call L.F to break the news to her, but one of Pedro's supporters that picked the phone, hanged up on him. Pedro later broke the news of the accident to L.F. Clarita could not help but notice the affectionate attachment of Marissa to Pedro. She also noticed the tension between Lupe and her husband, Caesar, but Ordonez refuse to divulge the reason for the tension to her.

Armando told Carol that L.F was his half sister.


Abel Dawah, Abuja said...

i think it is high time LF realise that CE is the man for her; also joachina and pedro should please swallow their prie and let LF know the truth.Rigoberta shoud also let the Don know the truth about LF,Vanessa should also alert CE on Consuelo's plan to use LA and stael the will from the Bank.

beebeekins said...

It's about time marissa woke up from her stupidity to realize who the real L.A. is, but why tell jennifer?