Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snippets 110

L.F was missing on her wedding day, so Pedro began to search for her. Doubts began to be cast whether she had ran away with Carlos to avoid being married to Alfredo. Meanwhile Alfredo went to lobby a confused Mujica to negotiate how he would pay back Marissa's good gestures that rescued Pedro, he didn't want to be obligated to Carlos Eduardo's family for life.

Carlos, already knowing that L.F was truly the granddaughter of Don, advised her to go and see Consuelo, because she has a vital information to pass unto her. L.F thought it was because of the mortgage scandal instigated by Consuelo. When L.F got there, she accused Consuelo of being the evil brain behind the plot to throw Pedro and her unto the street.

Instead of seizing the opportunity to confess to L.F that she was sorry for all her evil deeds against her and that she(L.F) was the true heiress to Don's fortune. Consuela was confident that Don would die in his comatose state, so, she lied and denied knowledge the mortgage scandal. When L.F came back she accused Carlos of sending her on a useless errand, because the woman denied everything. She angrily left for home.

When she got there, she saw that everybody was waiting for her, including Marissa. Pedro took Marissa outside where she told him the news that her divorce was almost completed, and that she would marry him immediately afterwards. The two senior lovers began to kiss in public again, this time, it was Suzanna, Pedro's 10-year secret lover who saw them, from the distance. She was heart-broken and felt betrayed by Pedro. She melted into the background so that they would not see her. She went to report the incident, with tears in her eyes, to Pancho who consoled her.

While Ordonez was chatting with Lupe on how Carlos reacted to the news that L.F was the granddaughter of Don, Reubén, the teenage boyfriend of Lupe, who impregnated her and ran away, returned. Lupe was shocked, so was Ordonez surprised. She accused him of having abandoned her for several years. She also told him that Caesar, his son, had married recently.

Carlos went back to Consuelo to accuse her of being unrepentant by refusing to tell L.F the whole truth. She begged Carlos not to tell L.F that she was the heiress to Don's fortune. After Carlos left, Consuelo called L.A and suggested to him, that they should map out plans to seek and steal the original will of Don which Ordonez had kept in the bank. L.A was not happy with the turn of events, he told Consuelo how he found Pedro and Marissa in a passionate kissing session.

Rosario came to L.F's house to warn her of the danger of going ahead with the wedding to Alfredo, when her heart is with Carlos. L.F admitted that it was true, but it was also too late to back out of her wedding to Alfredo.

Carlos could not bear it anymore, so he planned to disrupt and prevent L.F from Marrying Alfredo that day. Just before he stepped out to actualize his plans, Jennifer arrived and told him that she had gotten a good apartment for him where they would both live together as a couple before marriage.

As Xochil packed to leave Alfredo's house on his wedding day, she stunned him with a surprise but passionate kiss. As he left his house for the church wedding, still dreaming about the Xochil's tender lover's kiss, he ran into a car that hit him. He was rushed to the hospital. it was a tragic accident, there was need to perform operation on him in an emergency.

Carlos walked into the hospital to find that Alfredo was seriously wounded in a car accident, After Alfredo was examined, the doctors said he may be crippled as a result of injury which he suffered during the accident.

Meanwhile, L.F was crying in front of her dressing mirror, Pedro went to ask her why she was crying, she lied and told him it was nothing. (why wouldn't she cry when she could not marry the man she truly loved, Carlos Eduardo).

Rigoberto visited Don, who was still in coma, she spoke with him as if he heard her. She told him that today was Luisito her granddaughter's wedding to Alfredo and not to Carlos. She was surprised to see Don nod, as if he could truly hear her.


Anonymous said...

this episode is sad and euphoric at the same time am glad that L.F has finalli realised that her heart is with carlos eduardo not alfredo, its sad for alfredo that after all his emotional turmoil he still ahs a sad ending which doesnt include the woman he loves ,am also happy that marissa has finali removed her "corwn of foolishness" and has come to face the fact that L.A just wants to use her for his own selfish purpose,... well i guess there are still a few more episodes till the end so we wud see what will happen with L.F& CARLOS EDUARDO! meanwhile i would keep on gardening...

Anonymous said...

I just want to thank Phil for this good snippets that have kept me glued to my PC every evening - the time I usually browse. Our people say, in a black pot comes the white pap. Venessa is gradually winning my vote. She is proving that she is a really good friend that momentarily weakened under the prompting of Consuelo the Concealer. Indeed, it seems that her husband is not totally bad, only that he has been wrapped up by the wily wife.
Keep on gardening

Philomena Ojikutu said...
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Philomena Ojikutu said...


I think it is time for us to begin an appraisal of the prime lovers' (CE and LF) folly.

It is a descent into into the abyss of mediocrity for CE to still allow the walking poison (Jenny) to hang around his life.

There are still some more tragedies in stock for him, all because he permitted a landing space for Jennifer de la Schemer.

As for Consuela, she is "Finished" as one gardener put it in his commentary yesterday. Like I always said, Consuela fights nobody but God. Arrogating the All-Knowing attributes of God to herself is to draw the wroth of God, which kills quicker than fighting any man.

Destiny: is one thing that this telenovela portrays. A 'little' disobedience of its gentle prodding produces enormous costs in life.

Our 'NOs' to destiny takes us off the course of our glorious destinations and dumps us into the 'YES' pits of destitution.

Chilu said...

Thank you so much Phil for the snippets. you are really keeping me update. I love LF and CE. I think Alfredo should consider Xichi, she is a sweet girl and she loves him. i will keep on gardening.........

gbemmy said...

thanx phil you are an inspiration to a lot of young people out there. your work as an online publisher is probably earn more than your husband as a work at home mum (wahm)!!.i am particularly happy for L.F because her story gives me hope and inspiration to DREAM and to believe in DESTINY.i love you phil. keep gardening

Anonymous said...

Tanx 4 your snippets, they are really keeping us in the kitchen to feast be4 the real meal is served by A.I.T. But, can u kindly revisit your archives 4 Snippets 111-145. I have nt been able to read them. I'll appreciate this while l keep gardening. Tanx

Nura Waziri said...

I have been waiting for this moment to come and i have been predicting so many things that will happen and i use to get it right.

well Am glad.

nexyprincess said...

I think Alfredo should consider Xichi, she is a sweet girl and also she loves him, and i think she is the right one for him. And also, Alfredo should forgets about L.F because she don't love him is just gratitude that she feels for him, and he knows that, so why still going on with the wedding plans. let see wat will happen at the end of everthing.

Anonymous said...

Phil, you're a wonderful narrator. Life is full of intricacies. I wonder why people stick to evil when they know nemesis will catch up with them one day. Destiny cannot be changed it can only be delayed.

Thx for the work you are doing.

Anonymous said...

hi Phil,thanks for the snippets of the gardeners daughter i am really gratefull to GOD for the strenght and wisdom he is giving you each day.
i am a housewife at home how do i use the internet to make a living to surport my family