Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Enough of This Blackmail!

I knew it. I knew that the emotional blackmail drum of Alfredo was beating too loud, and that manipulative drumbeats would soon burst. L.F woke up from being an emotional captive, she fought back with the ferocity of a goat pushed to the wall. She defiantly declared to Alfredo to stop his emotional blackmails and stop playing the victim. She told him to forget about her commitment marry him at all cost. She even advised him to go for psychological cure of his insane jealousy.

The greatest lesson I have learnt from this telenovela is RELATIONSHIP. Things ought to evidently go smooth for L.F and Carlos from now on. But it was not so. Marissa held on to a dying relationship with Jenny, the same way she held on to a dead relationship with L.A, until she was burnt by the hot ashes of that relationship.

My husband always say that: "You either BELONG or BEGONE!". Jennifer de la Vega does not belong to the Gomez Ruiz family, but marissa did not allow her to 'begone'. That was the principal reason why the reunion btween Carlos and L.F would be short-lived, because jenny who regularly hanged around Mrs. Foolish (Marissa), used took full advantage of that teetering relationship to break up the two lovers again. Jenny used Marissa as the ladder, and Pedro as the axe to cut the romantic reunion of L.F and Carlos.

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