Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time For Vendetta

Now it is clear that Jenny recognized and appreciated the superior passion of Guillermo for her. After the 'bed-affair' between them yester-night, Jenny refused Guillermo's precious gift of a pair of specially carved earrings. She doesn't want to make the affair a formal one. She begged him for some time, and not to rush her into another relationship.

I asked myself: 'Time for what?' I concluded that Jenny is suffering from an obsession called "CARLOSMANIA". After such an intimate night with Guillermo on bed, to wake up the following morning and begin to plan vengeance against Carlos was something erratic. Jenny was indirectly telling Guillermo to give her time to plan her vendetta against Carlos.

Her plan now is to sabotage and frustrate any relationship between Carlos and L.F. Her new 'philosophy' seems to be proclaiming that: 'anything I cannot get must be destroyed so that no one else would get it'. She almost succeeded in this game, thank God to the foolishness of Luisa Fernanda.

Guillermo has a long wait in this new game. His patience would be tasked and stretched to breaking point. It is a nightmare for any man to be sentenced to the prison of 'fiance-in-waiting', only to discover that the lady he was waiting for ended up in prison for heinous crimes, or ended up in a mental sanatorium.

I have always maintained a harsh judgement on Pedro. His miserable role in tonight's episode was just unacceptable to me. It was simply selfishness at its uttermost heights. Pedro begged and warned Vanessa not to reveal the secrets of Consuelo, which made her to steal Don Fernando's Will and made her to ruthlessly deal with both Vanessa and L.F.

His excuse was that when such secrets are exposed, it would ultimately lead to the fact that L.F would know that Don Fernando was her grandfather. He said he wanted L.F to know the truth from him first, and not from outsiders.

It is unacceptable for Pedro to be wrapped in the arms of Marissa, enjoying a romantic bliss at the expense the pain of old Don Fernando and Luisa Fernanda. I have never prayed and would never pray that my blessings and joys be founded on the sorrows and misfortunes of other innocent people.

This is not the first time Ramiro Huerta, alias 'Pedro' or "Aurelio would be playing such miserable roles in telenovelas. Cuando Seas Mia (When You are Mine) he moral knees weakened and buckled when he allowed himself to be lured to sleeping with his best friend's (Diego) unfaithful wife, Berenice. Not once, not twice. Moral weakness is one disease too much.

More about Episode 134 could be found at Snippet 134 and 135. The full story could be read from the Sitemap.

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