Saturday, December 09, 2006

Snippets 136

L.F declared to Alfredo that she is no longer interested in his manipulative games. She declared that she is no longer bound by her moral vow to stay by him for better for worse. She told him that he has a chronic case of obsession, and should seek the intervention of a psycho-therapist to help him recover, his sanity. He begged L.F to forgive him for his inquisitive attitude. She told him to for get about her.

Carlos told Jennifer that now that she has found a man to kiss her, she should go in peace and for get about any marriage to him. Jenny denied the kiss, saying that the man was her modelling director, and was just pecking her.

In the midst of their argument, a messenger arrived with a bunch of fresh flowers from Guillermo. Jenny was boiling with rage, she tore the flowers to shreds and threw them away.

Alfredo came home depressed and angry because of the break up between him and L.F, he maltreated Xochil on getting home. She confronted him and told him to change his attitude bitterness towards her, or she would leave the house and go elsewhere. afraid of losing at both ends he apologized to her and asked her to accompany him to the wedding reception of Lupe and Ordonez which would take place in Marissa's house next day.

Caesar called Carlos and requested to talk to him in privacy, he told Carlos that he saw the bank documents stolen by robbers from his mother's house in his father's office, precisely in L.A's office.

With the reinstatement of Vanessa's fiance, by Don, they also began to prepare for their own wedding.

Armando visited L.F to become more familiar with her. While they were chatting, Jennifer bursted into her house and demanded to speak with L.F. L.F ignored her, saying that she had no business with her. Jennifer began to shout on top of her voice, that she should leave Carlos alone. L.F told her that she is the only one whom Carlos loved and there is nothing she could do to help her, if Carlos decided to jettison her.

Armando quickly phoned Carlos to tell him that Jenny and L.F are fighting over him.

It was the wedding day of Lupe and Ordonez. Caesar invited his father to the wedding. Reuben invited Consuelo to accompany him to the wedding. Guillermo also invited Jenny to the wedding.

Ordo'ñez warned Pedro of dire consequences which he would suffer if he does not confess to L.F that she is the heiress to the fortune of her grandfather, Don Fernando, and also to confess to Marissa that L.F is not his biological daughter, but the daughter of L.A. Pedro agreed with him, but refused to follow the warnings of Ordo'ñez.

Carlos Eduardo and L.F saw Jenny and Alfredo, two emotional losers angrily going to report to Marissa. carlos followed them to square up with them.

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